A little late to the game. . .and with only a 1/2 of 1 percent cremation rate

“A little late to the game” or, maybe, “better late than never.”  You can pick the phrase and either of those two will be applicable to the this news that we read in the Greek Reporter earlier this week. That news is, that after being legalized for use 13 years ago in the country, the first incinerators for cremation will be up and running in the city of Ritsona in a matter of days.  So, yes, the “Cradle of Western […]

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Crematory, reception hall to be added to Pennsylvania funeral home

It was noted in The Courier Express of Dubois, Pennsylvania, in an article that you can see here, that the Adamson Funeral Chapel in Dubois had a revised land development plan for a crematory approved by the Sandy Township Planning Commission. According to the article, the Adamson Funeral Chapel is proposing to build a 1500 square foot crematory addition and a 1600 square foot reception hall on their funeral home which is in an already commercial zoned parcel. The article […]

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Is this the next “thing” for your funeral home?

In 2011 Davina Bambrick was forced to euthanize her 14-year old dog, Bennie.  She now says that the worst of that situation was when “Bennie was abruptly whisked away” after being euthanized.  She commented recently, “It was kind of an unusual process, that lacked a lot of care or empathy at the time.  We weren’t offered any advice, and we weren’t offered any choices.” According to this article from Sunday’s Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, Bambrick has now worked through that […]


Another zoning battle over cremation

It’s became almost a weekly occurrence whereby I notice an article in a United States newspaper that pits a company that is in the cremation business against others in their community about where to locate a new crematory.  Such is the case today in a dispute over a crematory location in Dayton, Ohio. This battle, which you can read about here in the Dayton Daily News. consists of a legal action filed by Norwood Medical that asks a county board […]

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The Ontario liquid cremation debate

Since February 2018 there has been a moratorium on the installation and licensing of liquid cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, in the Canadian province of Ontario.  At this point in time, according to this article from the Ottawa Citizen, the Wartman Funeral Home of Kingston is the only facility in the province licensed to cremate bodies using alkaline hydrolysis.  They operate a “high temperature” alkaline hydrolysis method of the procedure. However, again according to the article, […]

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The veto of Viking funerals

Funeral Director Daily had kept you informed about what has become known as the “Jedi bill” in the state of Missouri this spring and summer.  The bill, proposed by State Senator Jason Holsman, a Democrat from Kansas City, would have allowed for outdoor cremations and supposedly made Missouri a mecca for so-called “Viking or Jedi funerals”. As we have told you, the bill breezed through the state’s House and Senate this year with other end-of-life issues.  However,  last week Missouri […]


Missouri close to allowing outdoor cremation in public

A Missouri legislative bill with nearly unanimous consent has recently passed out of the Missouri legislature and is awaiting Governor Mike Parson’s decision to sign the bill into law.  You can read more about this bill here from The bill, according to the article, would allow licensed funeral directors to organize outdoor cremations at licensed sites or private sites that have permits.  It was the idea of Kansas City Democrat legislator Jason Holsman who is quoted in the article, […]

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Good Samaritans still abound

We’ve advocated that one of the issues that funeral homes have to overcome to continue to serve the needs of families in need is to emphasize the fact the “Permanent Memorialization” matters.  By that we mean that cremated remains cannot just be left in a closet or left at the funeral home unclaimed.  They need to have a final resting place so the lives of those people can be remembered. Susan Cunningham is a Galesburg, Illinois, hospice nurse who realized […]

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Will Tulip Cremation make a difference

I mentioned earlier this week that I spent last week in Las Vegas with about 150 people in our profession.  Lots of items get bantered about at this event and one that was visited about quite frequently last week was the opening of Tulip Cremations. While I have only anecdotal knowledge of Tulip Cremation, I have checked them out on their website ( and tried to learn as much as I can about them.  Here is some of what I […]

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Is there hidden value in crematory physical plants?

I read an interesting article the other day published by Reuters out of Tokyo, Japan.  It piqued my interest because I have seen in the recent past and believe going forward that new crematory facilities will continue to be a challenge to get built in locations across North America. My belief stems from the fact that almost every time a facility request finds itself in front of community regulators there seems to be opposition to the facility from the NIMBY […]