American Life Expectancy drops in 2020

It will surprise no one that in the Covid-19 pandemic year of 2020, that life expectancy for Americans dropped by the largest decline since World War II.  This article from the Associated Press also indicates that the life expectancy drop for Black Americans was the largest since the Great Depression and for Hispanics it was the largest one year drop in recorded life expectancy history. What might surprise you, and we have brought it up on this forum before, that […]

Business Regulations

Congress working to stop “Body Brokers”

It was probably ten years ago when I, as a funeral director, received a phone call from a member of a family whose father was on hospice care.  The family member told me that his father “wanted his body donated to science” and had made arrangements for a private company to help them do that.  He also told me that the company would be calling me to give me advice on how to prepare the body for air cargo shipping […]

Business Regulations

The regulatory environment for 2021

It’s not all that common but it does happen in the death care profession from time to time.  The “it” I’m talking about is regulatory infractions that can cause a funeral home or other other death care business, such as a crematory, to be shut down for some period of time. When it does happen in the profession, it is rare enough and because it comes from an industry with very high reputatational marks in providing service to families, it […]

Business Regulations

Canadian arbitrator rules tattoos, nose piercing acceptable funeral home employee expression

In a decision that came down in early July 2021 a Canadian arbitrator has ruled against a funeral home and for its two employees in a case involving employees rights to a pierced nose and un-covered tattoos.  You can read the article from Canada’s National Post on the decision here. In essence, the decision by arbitrator Amal Garzouzi stated, “(the funeral home) is violating its workers’ rights and offered no proof the body art upset grieving clients.”  Garzouzi continued, “The […]

Cremation Preneed Regulations

Death care receives criticism on three continents

I’ve operated and managed a thriving funeral home.  If you’ve been there and done it. . . you know it is 24/7/365. . . .not many days go by when you don’t worry about something.  And, I’ve dealt with grieving family members, regulators, and the consumer movement too.  When you operate a community funeral home, there is a lot to do. . . . . and a lot of people who will tell you how to do it better — […]

Business Regulations

Government Regulator: Funeral directors must make prices clearer

In the summer of 2020, Great Britain’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) investigated the death care business sector and one statement that was made was this, “some funeral directors were providing unacceptable low levels of care of the deceased”.  Couple that with the fact that, according to SunLife’s latest cost of dying report, funeral costs in that country have risen 39% in the past decade, and you can see why the CMA is promoting regulation and change. Under the new […]

Cremation Regulations

New York Senate, Assembly pass exemption to move crematory

From time to time over the past couple of years Funeral Director Daily has written articles about the Amigone Funeral Home crematory in Tonawanda, New York.  The crematory is part of a funeral home in a residential neighborhood where neighbors have complained for years. Legislation was recently passed in New York that would, when signed by Governor Cuomo, amend New York State law, which prohibits “the construction of new combination funeral home-crematories, and the relocation of those that opened prior […]


Maine legislators want “safe” funeral utility vehicles

An accident in 2017 that took the life of a funeral home worker has the State of Maine legislature searching for answers on how to make funeral vehicles safer for death care employees.  Last week, according to this article, the Maine Legislature Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business “ordered the Board of Funeral Services to develop new rules to protect drivers and passengers by January“. At real issue here is the use of different utility vehicles commonly used […]


Politics and your funeral home

Former Vice-President Walter Mondale died Monday night at age 93.  Being a Minnesotan like Mondale put me into a reminiscing mood and I thought of the 1970’s when Mondale was our state’s U.S. Senator and elected with President Jimmy Carter as Vice-President in 1976. It also reminded me of a lesson from my dad about business, specifically our funeral business and politics that I learned as a junior high school student (Middle School today) back in 1972. Back in 1972 […]


Kentucky passes Covid liability shield law for funeral homes

There has been a lot of talk at the federal level about creating a limit to liability law for those essential businesses that had to operate over the timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic while knowledge of the virus was becoming better and better every day.  The thought process has been that businesses should not be held liable as they tried to do right with limited knowledge of the virus behavior. While the federal level has not been able to do […]