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Archbishop says, “No more” referring to extreme embalmings in the church

In 2018, when I learned about it, Funeral Director Daily introduced our readers to “Extreme Embalming” via this article about some funerals that had taken place in New Orleans.  “Extreme Embalming”, for better or worse, is the moniker that has been given to the embalming art of embalming bodies and posing them in “life-like” forms for the visitation and funeral. Since the 2018 article in Funeral Director Daily, which brings forth another article that has photos of the practice in […]

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FEMA to begin taking applications for funeral assistance

We started hearing in early January that the omnibus Covid relief bill passed by Congress in December 2020 would have some type of reimbursement for funeral expenses of Covid-19 victims.  It was rumored that relief would be administered out of the funding provided to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). We’ve now learned in the last couple of weeks that the funeral assistance portion of that bill will become a reality.  Here is an interesting news story and print article […]

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Maine legislature considering “outdoor open-air cremations”

You can read in this article and video report that the State of Maine legislature has before its Health and Human Services Committee a bill that would allow non-profit entities to carry out open-air cremations and then scatter the remains on the property owned by the non-profit. The bill would require the non-profit to own at least 20 acres of property and one group pushing the idea is a non-profit organization called Good Ground Great Beyond who currently own a […]

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America has too many deaths

We are funeral directors and others in the death care business.  We make our living because of the inevitable mortality of the human race.  We make our living because of death. However, in America there is too much death.  And, I’m not talking just in 2020 and the idea of the COVID-19 deaths that have included about 541,000 souls at present. . . an increase of about 15% over our normal yearly totals. I’m talking about preventable deaths. . . […]

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Students, scholarships, and a way you can help

It is interesting that I came across this article as I was thinking of a topic for today’s column.  One of the items that I have been thinking about lately was the COVID relief bill that passed the Senate last weekend and passed the House on Wednesday.  It is expected to bring $1.9 trillion in aid to a multitude of different areas of our economy.  Part of that aid is expected to go to colleges and universities to help both […]


Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: “Funeral expenses haunted and followed my family . . . for years”

A couple of weeks ago we brought our readers this article where Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were hopeful that the COVID-19 relief bill passed in December would bring funeral re-imbursements to many who lost loved ones to the pandemic. At that time they were hopeful that some of the $56 billion that had been allocated to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would be used for the purposes of reimbursing families who lost […]

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The Funeral Director to Presidents

Today we celebrate President’s Day 2021 in the United States.  We’ve just been through an election. . .and an impeachment hearing.  There is no doubt that the American president, whomever it is at the time, is the centerpiece of the most media attention of any  human being on the planet during his time in office. Over my lifetime, I’ve seen that world-wide media attention be both good and bad. . . .showering positives on that president when some in the […]

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AOC says “Consumer funeral funding in current COVID relief package”

New York United States Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced last week that it is her belief that consumer funeral cost relief is part of the $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill passed by both houses of congress and signed into law by President Trump in December. Here’s what Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez says in this article from Business Insider,  “After our BX+Queens district became the most COVID-hit in the country, I spent much of the last year working on an issue that was devastating […]

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Air quality limits lifted in Los Angeles County

Citing “a threat to public health” the South Coast Air Quality Management District relaxed rules pertaining to cremation in Los Angeles County last week.  The ruling, according to this article from National Public Radio, will lift limits on the number of cremations that can be conducted monthly by crematory operators. An official for the agency was quoted as saying, “The current rate of death is more than double that of pre-pandemic years, leading to hospitals, funeral homes, and crematoriums exceeding […]

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Career changes. . . can funeral service benefit?

I recently came across a couple of surveys of of American workers and their career satisfaction and thoughts of career changes.  One thing is certain. . .we are not in the 1960’s when young people were told to “get a good job, hold on to it, and retire with a pension”. We now know that individuals who follow that course of action will be few compared to those that probably work in multiple occupations during the course of their careers.  […]