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Covid and parental death

At Funeral Director Daily we cover a lot of topics.  Many, or even most of our articles, deal with the financial operation of a business to help those in the business of death care make the choices they need to make as they move forward.  We also publish articles about the preneed industry and articles about public companies in the space. . . .as well as new ideas and start-ups that many of our readers are interested in learning about. […]

Business Regulations

Canada’s Ontario province pulls out the stops to help funeral home staff shortages

This article and video news story from CTV Canada explains that because of a chronic shortage of death care workers coupled with an increased number of deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) “is calling retirees into service to fill out vacancies and for the first time, it’s allowing college students to work in the industry before they have completed their studies.” Funeral Director Joe O’Neil of O’Neil Funeral Home in London, Ontario is quoted […]

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Funeral directors, employee shortages, and death care license requirements

Today we bring you this interesting article from the Iowa Capital Dispatch concerning a potential funeral director who believed he needed a waiver to receive his Iowa Funeral Directors License.  One of the requirements for licensure by the Iowa Board of Mortuary Science is that the applicant has completed 60 college credit hours and maintained a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) relative to those earned credits. The article tells the story of Andrew Merschman who had completed […]

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Are we ready for a “Craft” funeral industry?

I can remember going to my first couple of craft breweries.  It was in the mid-1990’s and one I went to was in downtown Fargo, North Dakota, prior to attending a basketball game at their downtown civic arena.  Then later, I was in Hawaii with my wife and going for dinner found us at the Kona Brewing Company — I found them an interesting concept. Fast-forward almost 25 years and you will find out that craft beer sales in the […]


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

It’s been an unusual two years to say the least.  Covid-19, mandates, vaccinations, lockdowns, a presidential election where one candidate stayed at home and didn’t campaign,  hospitals filled to the brim. . . . . .any way you look at it, it has been a couple of years like no others in my lifetime.  And, it’s not been a lot of fun. . . Angie and I don’t go out to our traditional Friday night meal. . . we stay […]

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Happy Thanksgiving. . . .a day of Gratitude

Maybe it is just because I’m getting older. . . maybe its because as I get older I see younger and younger people stepping forward to do some of the things I used to do. . . . maybe it is because as you get older you recognize that as much as you may have accomplished there have been people along the way that have been there to mentor and guide you. . . . Regardless of why. . . […]

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58 years ago today – The Kennedy assassination. . .and the story of the Kennedy casket

Imagine it is lunch time at the funeral home you work at when you get a call from the hospital two miles away that you need to immediately bring the best casket you have to the hospital.  And, by the way, it is for the President of the United States. That’s the call that Vernon B. O’Neal of O’Neal’s Funeral Home received on November 22, 1963 — 58 years ago today.  O’Neal happened to be the only person at the […]

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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — The history behind this “Soul of America” Memorial

The numbers 11-11-11 have always been significant when I think of November 11.  Yesterday was that day that we now refer to as Veteran’s Day in America or is referred to as Remembrance Day in Canada.  Those numbers, 11-11-11, refer to the day and time that the cease fire that ended World War I in 1918 became effective.  It was at 11 am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month (November) that the armistice (Latin for “stilling of arms”) […]

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Time to regulate the anatomical bequest business

As a funeral director every so often I was asked by a person or family to help with an anatomical bequest of a person who wanted to donate their body for medical research.  I’m located between Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Grand Forks, North Dakota, where the medical schools for those respective states are located.  There was never any problem with those university institutions in clearing the paperwork for the future anatomical gift.  And, I’m certain, when the time came, that those […]

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NFL’s Steelers not amused by end zone cremation scattering

If you have been a funeral director for any length of time a family member of a cremation disposition has approached you about their idea of scattering the cremated remains at a certain location.  Most of the time the question has been asked in relation to a public park, a church yard, a lake, or some other public location that held meaning and was prized by the decedent. Were you ever asked for your opinion of the scattering of the […]