Lots of issues. . . and opportunities in the cemetery business

By Funeral Director Daily / May 21, 2024 /

      When I think of the cemetery in my little community in Minnesota.  I’m guessing, like a lot of other communities that grew up in the American “Land Rush”, the city cemetery came out of necessity.   When a pioneer citizen died the custom, and more than likely, the religious way to take…

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SCI settles California issue, looks forward to moving ahead with insurance funded preneed there

By Funeral Director Daily / May 16, 2024 /

    Earlier in May the Attorney General of the State of California issued a press release which you can read here announcing an agreement with Service Corporation International (SCI) over an eight-year dispute on how SCI delivered on their preneed funding.   In essence, concerning preneed sold through SCI’s Neptune and Trident locations in…

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Federal Trade Commission bans “Non-Compete” agreements

By Funeral Director Daily / April 25, 2024 /

    “This rule affects every segment of the American economy and in a simple 3-2 vote destroys billions of dollars in value that employers have spent in compensation for a covenant not to compete”.  That quote is part of the message delivered in a National Funeral Directors (NFDA) Special Bulletin on Tuesday by NFDA…

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Dignity, care, and respect. . . bringing the fallen home

By Funeral Director Daily / April 15, 2024 /

    On Saturday night I was at a movie, came home and turned the television on to catch the news and learned of the missile bombardment of Israel that Iran took responsibility for.  Now, I don’t know all the nuances of the political world that comes into these types of situations around the world,…

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Might the Baltimore Bridge collapse cause a “funeral tax” in Maryland?

By Funeral Director Daily / April 2, 2024 /

      A week ago today I woke up to the news of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor.  It wasn’t so long ago that I was in Baltimore for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in October 2022.  I was in awe of being in proximity to…

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It’s Good Friday. . . .Easter is coming!!!

By Funeral Director Daily / March 29, 2024 /

      We are blessed to live in a country which allows for religious freedom.  And, when you work as a funeral director helping those who have lost loved ones to death, it’s a privilege to help even when those client families don’t believe as you do.   However, have you ever thought about…

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Unclaimed bodies causing issues in Canadian provinces

By Funeral Director Daily / March 28, 2024 /

    What happens when deceased human remains remain unclaimed?  In the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador that situation is causing a problem.  According to this article there is no easy solution on the human disposition of deceased human beings who are either unidentified or in a situation that the family does not claim…

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America’s military cemeteries face financial backlog for upkeep and improvements

By Funeral Director Daily / March 25, 2024 /

    Kansas United States Senator Jerry Moran recently testified at a United States Senate Veterans Affairs Committee meeting that “When mourning a death the last thing a grieving family needs is some bureaucratic hurdle or some substandard support.”   That comment came in response to the information provided, according to this article,  that “there…

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Friday was a “Great Day” for funeral service

By Funeral Director Daily / March 18, 2024 /

    Friday was March 15 or the “Ides of March”.  And, it appears that Friday, March 15, 2024, was a better day for funeral service than Friday, March 15, 44 BC was for Julius Caesar.   Funeral service has been hit with a lot of bad publicity lately about certain funeral providers not always…

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We now live in the “Information” world. . . time to put prices online or risk being “Gone with the Wind”

By Funeral Director Daily / March 13, 2024 /

      I’ve talked about the book, Megatrends, by John Naisbitt before.  It was published in 1982 and sold 14 million copies and after reading it about the time it was written, its “Social Forecasting”, and my belief in that concept, played a major role in building my funeral business and other businesses I…

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