Musgrove’s announce plan for new “Court of Honor”

By Funeral Director Daily / May 24, 2024 /

    We are just a weekend away from honoring our veterans with Memorial Day celebrations across the country.  In word we received last month we learned that Musgrove Family Mortuaries and Cemeteries was getting a head-start on the celebration by announcing a new “Court of Honor” to “to remember and respect Oregonians who served…

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Lots of issues. . . and opportunities in the cemetery business

By Funeral Director Daily / May 21, 2024 /

      When I think of the cemetery in my little community in Minnesota.  I’m guessing, like a lot of other communities that grew up in the American “Land Rush”, the city cemetery came out of necessity.   When a pioneer citizen died the custom, and more than likely, the religious way to take…

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Here’s a unique way to blend land preservation with urn burials

By Funeral Director Daily / May 17, 2024 /

    Funeral directing company  A.W. Lymn of Nottinghamshire, Great Britain, has been giving the green light to construct an ancient style facility for the disposition of cremated human remains.  As this article maintains, “they have been granted permission for the first and only modern barrow site in the East Midlands”.   (Editor’s Note:  I…

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County governments seem to have lots of problems, are human remains another one?

By Funeral Director Daily / April 22, 2024 /

      Funeral Director Daily recently learned through this article from Public Media for Central Pennyslvania that Centre County will be building a 160-unit columbarium in Zion, Pennsylvania, to house urns that have went unclaimed.  According to the article, the columbarium will cost over $19,000 and the county has 41 cardboard urns at this…

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America’s military cemeteries face financial backlog for upkeep and improvements

By Funeral Director Daily / March 25, 2024 /

    Kansas United States Senator Jerry Moran recently testified at a United States Senate Veterans Affairs Committee meeting that “When mourning a death the last thing a grieving family needs is some bureaucratic hurdle or some substandard support.”   That comment came in response to the information provided, according to this article,  that “there…

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Looking outside the grave for cemetery revenue

By Funeral Director Daily / March 21, 2024 /

      Back almost three years ago in July 2021, Funeral Director Daily brought you this story of how a renewable energy company, Verogy, had put a 7,000 panel solar energy farm inside a cemetery in Torrington, Connecticut.  In essence they took out a 20-year lease on the cemetery property with the energy they…

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Well intentioned rules and regulations need to be thought through, clarified

By Funeral Director Daily / March 20, 2024 /

    Well-intentioned rules and regulations are put into place by organizations.  Sometimes, however, like America has found out with the disastrous “de-fund the police” movement, the results are not what the organizers intended them to be.   I think it is a little like that with the new dictate that the Veterans Administration has…

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State of California seeks to seize cemetery assets

By Funeral Director Daily / March 6, 2024 /

    It has been pretty well publicized that former President Donald Trump may have assets seized by the State of New York to satisfy a judgement recently decided against his companies.  Turns out that is not the only siezure battle by a state against against someone as you can see from this article in…

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Permanent Memorialization: How long is “Permanent”?

By Funeral Director Daily / February 29, 2024 /

      How long is “Permanent”?  That is a question that has never been answered, but in many cases you will find out that “permanent” is not really “permanent”.   There is an interesting dilemma going on in Surrey British Columbia, Canada, right now.  According to this article, a popular pet cemetery is about…

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Building a new cemetery is not as easy as Row 1, Row 2, and Row 3 anymore

By Funeral Director Daily / December 29, 2023 /

  I’m old enough to remember that one of the earliest cries for increased cremation was that cemeteries will soon take up too much space in America.  A rebuttal to that thought back in the 1980’s was always the quote “. . .if everyone in America died today we could bury them in 1/3 the…

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