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Can two death care trends solve a problem??

Over the years that I have done the research for the articles that appear in Funeral Director Daily, among others, I have noticed two trends that are definitely growing in the death care world.  One of those trends is that of Green or Natural burials.  Virtually every day when I look for articles that will be of interest to readers I will find an article from somewhere in the United States that is opening up a funeral home or cemetery […]


Memorial Day 2021 — Remember. . . “Out of many, One”

As we gather to celebrate Memorial Day 2021 it has been just over a year since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  I don’t live too far from Minneapolis and that incident has not only rocked that city and my area, but has been an incident heard all over the world.  Add to that the fact that we had a presidential election last fall and riots in our cities last summer and you get to the point where I’ve […]

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Mortuary school holds commencement in cemetery

Upholding to the Covid-19 social distancing rules of the University of Minnesota the graduating class and faculty of the Department of Mortuary Science had to come up with a creative way to make this year’s graduation ceremonies memorable for the graduating seniors.  With indoor facilities on campus off limits for this year, the department worked with Minneapolis’ beautiful and historic Lakewood Cemetery to hold the ceremony there on Friday, May 7. Here’s a local news video and print article on […]

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Report: Headstone market hot

A big part of our mission at Funeral Director Daily is to look around the death care industry and report what we see happening in the profession back to our fellow funeral directors.  Our thought is that those fellow funeral directors were much like I was in my 35 year front-line funeral service career — that is, too busy dealing with the day to day activities of what is going on in their own funeral homes to be constantly looking […]

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Wilbert adds precast concrete company

It’s not only funeral homes and cemeteries that are in the business of growing their businesses to better serve clientele. Last week we received word that Wilbert, Inc., the nation’s preeminent burial vault company, made an acquisition to bolster their presence in the Northeast corridor of the United States.  Here is the information that we received in that press release: Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. (“WFSI”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Maki Family Precast Concrete Businesses of West […]

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The importance of permanent memorialization

The pyramids in Egypt were built to give permanent memorialization to the rulers of that land.  The tomb of the 13th Disciple to Christ, Matthias, can be seen to give credence to his life.  George Washington, known by many as the Father of America has a burial site at his Mount Vernon home. However, there can be no doubt that we are on a trend line to make permanent memorialization an afterthought to human life.  And, I think that is […]

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Cemetery delays, casket company acquisitions in the news

As we wrap up another week at Funeral Director Daily we bring you some news that is seeming to happen because of the COVID situation and some news that just continues to happen as business opportunities present themselves regardless of the COVID situation across the world. Our first item, that we cannot remember happening in the non-COVID world, is that of great back-ups and delays at some of America’s cemeteries.  This print article and video story from ABC – 7 […]

Cemetery Regulations

Treasure seeker pleads guilty in Fort Yellowstone Cemetery charges

It was reported in this press release from the United States Attorneys District of Wyoming office that a treasure seeker in the Forrest Fenn inspired treasure hunt had pleaded guilty to charges of “excavating or trafficking in archaeological resources, and injury or depredation to United States property” within Fort Yellowstone Cemetery. This is not the typical Funeral Director Daily article but it is a tale that I found very interesting and, quite frankly, was amazed that I had not heard […]

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Cemeteries: Do you have the “right” inventory to succeed?

There is an old saying about location, location, location.  However, if you are in the sales business you know you have to have the proper inventory also. We have a lot of subscribers in the cemetery business at Funeral Director Daily.  Some of these subscribers work for the big companies like Service Corporation, Park Lawn, StoneMor, and Carriage Services.  And, a lot of these subscribers operate non-profit community cemeteries, including many funeral directors that sit on the boards of these […]


Vale Cemetery receives ACE Award

Vale Cemetery of Schenectady, New York, was recently given the American Cemetery Excellence Award (ACE Award) as presented by American Cemetery and Cremation magazine.  While the magazine calls it the ACE Award, I like to just refer to it as the “Cemetery of the Year” award because the magazine awards only one cemetery annually. According to Patti Martin Bartsche, managing editor for American Cemetery and Cremation magazine, “There is certainly a lot of wonderful history to be explored in a […]