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More companies hope to cash in on the changing face of Death Care

I recently read this article where Bank of America has profiled 14 future “moonshot” technologies that they believe could offer vast wealth to those who are lucky enough to invest in them.  In reading that article, I realized that, to a certain extent we have, maybe not moonshot technologies, but at least planetary technologies in the death care business finding funding almost every day.  In essence, there is a lot of interest in the “new technology” of Death Care. Bank […]

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Better Place Forests adds 10th memorial forest

This recent article from Pasadena Weekly made note that Better Place Forests has added a property at Lake Arrowhead, about 90 minutes from Los Angeles.  For Better Place Forests it is their 10th announced location with five of those being in California. A fairly new entity into permanent memorialization, Better Place Forests is described in the article as “as sustainable alternative to traditional cemeteries”.  According to the Better Place Forest website, a memorial package could include the rights to a […]


Good Grief to be seen in USA, Canada, and Great Britain

It was announced recently that the New Zealand comedy series, Good Grief, has had its North American and United Kingdom rights purchased by the AMC Network.  You can see a clip of the series here. The series, which is entering its second season, is co-created and co-written by Eve and Grace Palmer who also star in the series as Ellie and Gwen Goode.  According to this article from Deadline, “it is a comedy series set in small New Zealand town […]

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Online memorial startup Memories brings in over $30 million in funding. . . InvoCare invests $4 million

Online memorials seem to be one of the likeliest winners among potential start-ups in the Death Care space. . . . at least that is what it is looking like from the investment community.  According to articles that we link below it appears that over the summer months the Australian based Memories has raised over $34 million, which if in Australian dollars is still impressive as it equals about $25 million U.S. dollars. InvoCare, a public company and the largest […]


Another start up in Death Tech. . .another player in caskets

I had contact with an industry friend who had just returned from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) convention last week.  She indicated to me that it was good to get back to an in-person gathering and see old friends.  One of the other things she indicated is that, in her opinion, how the death care profession had changed so fast in the 18-month Covid period we have been in. And, one of those changes is all the new […]

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Death notice, obituary, online memorial. . . . .which to use

I recently read an article published online from GoLocalProv.  You can find the article here and it is entitled, “GoLocal now top publisher of obituaries in Rhode Island, 94% of funeral homes partner for “No Cost” obits”.   It made me think of the differences in what I would call death notices, obituaries, and online memorials.  In my opinion, they are all different and serve different purposes, but I’m not so sure our death care clientele realize that. Death Notice–  In […]


“Hey Jude” . . .here’s a death care product for you Beatle fans!!!

On February 7, 1964, the British pop rock group the Beatles touched down on the tarmac of John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City and were crowded by thousands of fans.  Two days later they were introduced to America with an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  A typical fan at that time was an 18-year old who would have been born circa 1946. That fan born in 1946 would be approximately 75 years old in 2021.  And, bearing […]

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Death Tech — will new technologies move forward

Want to deliver the audio at your own funeral with a text written after your death by your pastor or other spokesman?  Evidently, voice synthesizing technology can now make that happen. . . . a written text will mimic  your own voice, even after death giving you the opportunity to deliver your own funeral sermon. This article from Fortune entitled, “Tech can’t solve death.  But startups increasingly want to help with what comes after“, gives an insight into what may […]

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A new use for cemeteries

Over the history of successful products you will encounter many that the intended use for the product never developed into something big, but another use came into play, many times by accident, that worked out okay for the developers of the product. First, let’s take a quick look at some products that have became very successful somewhat by accident.  In the 1920’s an unknown disease caused cattle to spontaneously bleed to death.  It was discovered that these cattle had eaten […]

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Robot working overtime at Arbor Memorial funeral home

Canada’s privately owned  funeral home and cemetery company, Arbor Memorial, was recently selected as a “Gold Standard Winner” for Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies award for the 4th straight year.  The award is the country’s leading business award program recognizing entrepreneurial companies for the caliber of their management abilities and practices.  You can see a press release on this award here. It’s easy to see why Arbor Memorial is considered for this award every year when you look at an article […]