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Newsom signs Human Composting bill, California becomes 5th state to legalize

Earlier this week California Governor Gavin Newsom quietly signed a bill that now becomes law which includes disposition of the dead human body via “human composting”.  According to this article from KABC Television of Los Angeles supporters say it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional end-of-life options. The law does not go into effect until 2027.  At this time, however, it marks California as the 5th state that has allowed Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) as a legal way of human disposition.  […]


The Living Casket??

In today’s morning edition of Funeral Director Daily we wrote about how fads can become trends which may eventually become traditions.  By coincidence we recently came across this article from Trend Watching which introduces their “Innovation of the Day”.  And that innovation is from the Netherlands and is known as the Living Cocoon, a biodegradable casket made of mycelium. You can learn more about, and see, the Living Cocoon here. Here’s what Trend Watching says of the Living Cocoon:  “It […]

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Fad, trend, or tradition?

New products and services used by the American public seem to start as fads, become a trend, and then, those with staying power evolve into a tradition of life.   Over the last few days I’ve noticed a couple of products that have either followed that road map or may be on their way to dissolving.  And, I think that there is something for death care professionals to learn from the process. On one hand let’s look at Peleton, the stationary […]

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The consumer choice for cremation is not always financial

Over the years I’ve heard from many consumers that their choice for a cremation disposition had nothing to do with price.  Even though I heard that often, and believed the people that told me that, as a funeral professional it was always hard to fathom when it seemed that everywhere you turned you saw cremations advertised using “price point” philosophy. By “price point” philosophy I mean billboards, newspaper, or yellow page advertising by those in the cremation business stating “Complete […]


Are you up to date with your streaming services? — Here’s some advice from the experts

Hang with me here for just a second and we will get to some great information for streaming. . . . I might as well admit to you all – I’m not a big Facebook guy.  I’ve probably been a member for 15 years or so and my profile will tell you that I have 32 friends and 111 friend requests.  You see, after being a member for a short period of time I got tired of seeing so much […]

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Parting Stone receives New Mexico Local Economic Development Act money for expansion

Parting Stone, the company that has pioneered the “solidified remains” method for cremated remains was informed by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that they had received $150,000 from the state’s Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) to grow their employment numbers in their Santa Fe facility. In the press release from the Governor’s office that you can read here, Gov. Lujan Grisham states, “The vision for Parting Stone and the technology that is driving this company are home-grown, developed with […]

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Creating “Gathering Time” may be the secret

Probably the biggest value for me in blogging with Funeral Director Daily is the people I have been able to correspond with that I would have never got to know without the blog.  I’ve got lots of new friends who I have never met — almost 3,000 regular readers — many who correspond with me about my articles. . . . Some people agree with me and some people don’t.  But, all have opinions that I value and many times […]


Commander Initiative announces partnership with Titan Caskets

At least in my area the idea of consumers purchasing caskets either online or in person from Costco and WalMart does not seem to have caught on.  I think one of the reasons why is that area funeral homes have not warmed to that idea and don’t like the competition from those large retailers. However, the tide may be turning with online casket purchasing with startup company Titan Casket.  I think Titan is different.  Yes — they do offer caskets […]


Has start-up Empathy found the secret sauce?

New York based Empathy has raised $43 million in about the past six months.  This article tells of their most recent raise of $30 million in Series A funding coming quickly on the heels of a $13 million seed round about six months ago. According to the article, “The U.S. end-of-life industry is projected to grow to about $100 billion in the next three to five years, including death care, estate management and other services, yet it remains outdated and […]

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Hillenbrand ponders Batesville Casket’s future

A press release out of Batesville, Indiana, caught a lot of the death care profession off guard on Wednesday.  That press release, which you can read here, was from Hillenbrand Industries and announced that the company would “explore strategic alternatives for its Batesville business”. Here’s what parent company Hillenbrand Industries President and CEO Kim Ryan said in the release, “Today’s announcement is a defining moment for Hillenbrand, building on the exceptional work our teams have done to position our businesses […]