Mortuary Education: It’s our future and needs to be relevant

By Funeral Director Daily / February 27, 2024 /

    In this recent article from the student operated  Minnesota Daily (University of Minnesota) the Director of the Mortuary Science program Michael LuBrant says this, “Really, it’s a form of health care. It’s serving families, deceased individuals and people at the end of the life cycle. . . . “   LuBrant explains that…

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A glimpse into the world of Natural Organic Reduction at Recompose

By Funeral Director Daily / February 20, 2024 /

    Today, I’m going to spare you my writing and editorial viewpoints and just bring you a 6-minute news video put out by Cascade Public Broadcasting.  It’s an excellent story on the growing trend of Natural Organic Reduction or NOR.   I’m very familiar with Katrina Spade and her venture into the world of…

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Is an Alaskan seminar in your future?

By Funeral Director Daily / February 14, 2024 /

    “Three Days, 12 Credits, and 1 Unforgettable Experience”.   That’s how a unique Death Care seminar is being presented.   It’s not everyday that a Death Care seminar with great speakers is held in Alaska.  As a matter of fact, this is the first one that I can recall.   Here’s some information from…

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My Prediction: Get ready to add mandatory online pricing

By Funeral Director Daily / February 7, 2024 /

    When the New York Times starts writing articles that include thoughts on the Federal Trade Commission’s “Funeral Rule” I think it is time to say that the issue has caught some attention.   My wife and I spend the months of January, February, and March in a rented condo in South Florida and…

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Matthews International and the “Call to the Hall”

By Funeral Director Daily / February 2, 2024 /

  I’m a baseball fan and if you are a baseball player there is nothing so crowning to one’s career as what is termed as the “Call to The Hall”.  That phrase is known in baseball circles as what happens when an incredible talented player, coach, or other baseball executive is notified by the Baseball…

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Will “Living Funerals” or FUN-erals take off in society?

By Funeral Director Daily / January 31, 2024 /

  So, I was raised in an era where you could have any type of funeral service you wanted  —  as long as it consisted of embalming, a visitation, a church funeral service, and ended with a traditional burial in a cemetery.  As a 4th generation funeral director, beginning my job in 1980, I’m guessing…

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Crowne Vault has a product for monument delays

By Funeral Director Daily / January 30, 2024 /

    I was watching the news the other day and it struck me that the issues going on in the Middle East could again cause some of the “Supply Chain” issues that we found in our businesses across America back in 2021 and 2022.  Among those issues in the Death Care business was the…

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This isn’t your grandmother’s funeral

By Funeral Director Daily / January 25, 2024 /

    This recent article in Florida’s Business Observer is titled “Funeral home finds success with new life celebration model”.  The article goes on to discuss, among other business changes in the death care industry, the Robert Toale & Sons Celebration of Life Center in the Sarasota, Florida, area.   The Robert Toale & Sons…

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Davis Whitehall completes manufacturing expansion

By Funeral Director Daily / January 19, 2024 /

    We learned from a press release last week that the Davis Whitehall Company, a premier provider of personalized and customized urns to funeral homes in North America recently completed an expansion at their Colorado Springs, Colorado, headquarters.  The expanded manufacturing center now includes over 15,6oo square feet of space and, according to the…

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Protecting the dead from the living

By Funeral Director Daily / January 18, 2024 /

    According to this recent article from Bloomberg Law there are laws in Illinois, Texas, and Washington that already provide living residents with specific biometric privacy rights.  According to the same article, Florida will be looking at instituting those rights to the deceased when their legislative members meet in 2024.   The same article…

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