What embalmers have seen — Pre- and Post- Pandemic

By Funeral Director Daily / January 12, 2024 /

    My wife and I happened to be staying on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the date of the Chinese New Year in 2020. . . that date was January 25, 2020.  I remember it vividly because as we came back to the hotel from dinner the Chinese New Year party was starting…

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2023 Death Care story of the Year: Batesville Casket sold

By Funeral Director Daily / January 9, 2024 /

      In any given year there is a lot that happens in any industry or profession.  And, there was a lot that happened in death care in 2023 such as the continuing Federal Trade Commission continuing to look into and holding hearings on the status of “The Funeral Rule”.  Or, on the more…

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Pierce Colleges appoint new President and CEO

By Funeral Director Daily / January 5, 2024 /

  Pierce Colleges of Funeral Services (PMC) announced via a press release on January 2, 2024, that Joseph Finocchiaro has been named the President and CEO of the three campus system.  Finocchiaro has most recently been serving as President of the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science and will continue in that role as well as…

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The real story of the the movie, “The Burial”

By Funeral Director Daily / December 28, 2023 /

  One of the interesting stories of 2023 in the Death Care business was the release of a full-length Hollywood production of the movie “The Burial” released in October by Amazon Studios.  It was a story in Death Care simply because it is not every day that you see our profession covered in this way…

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Big Tobacco and Traditional Funerals — Do they have something in common?

By Funeral Director Daily / December 15, 2023 /

    Last week, according to this article from Reuters, one of the largest companies in the world of tobacco took a $31.5 billion write down on the value of their future sales.  British American Tobacco (BAT) took this write-down on the value of some U.S. cigarette brands “acknowledging. .  that its traditional market has…

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The survey is in and the results say that even Seniors prefer a “Celebratory” approach to funerals

By Funeral Director Daily / December 14, 2023 /

  There is no doubt that trends move faster today than in the past.  That is probably because “news” moves faster also so it is easier and quicker to “get the word” out.  It is also apparent that trends are merging towards conformity world-wide. . .especially in the English speaking world.   The “Cost of…

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PlotBox named to the Technology Fast 50 for 2023

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2023 /

  Earlier this month deathtech solutions provider PlotBox announced that it ranked #27 in the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards.  The Fast 50 is a ranking of the growing technology companies in Ireland.   According to a press release that you can read here, “PlotBox CEO Sean McAllister credits PlotBox’s strategy for global expansion…

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Seeking Alpha author suggests that Matthews Memorialization Segment could be “spun off”

By Funeral Director Daily / December 8, 2023 /

      It’s Friday and going into the weekend it’s always nice to have something to think about. . . . How about this for today. .   This article from Seeking Alpha looks at the past fiscal year for Matthews International and uses that information as well as what they gleaned from the…

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’tis the Season. . . How’s your charitable giving?

By Funeral Director Daily / December 1, 2023 /

  It’s hard not to notice all of the mail I get at this time of the year from charities asking me to remember them in my charitable giving for the year. . . . . I’m guessing that you probably give through your individual status, but have you ever thought of having a program…

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How do you brand and market your Direct Cremation?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 21, 2023 /

  It’s Thanksgiving time and, of course, we all think about turkeys.   I probably think about turkeys a little differently than you do, however, because at one time I served on the board of a turkey growing operation.  You might not know this but my home state of  Minnesota is the top producer of turkeys…

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