Another way to memorialize cremated remains

As we move into the weekend I thought I would just leave you with an article to read about another – what some might say is innovative – way to memorialize a loved one.  I wrote earlier this week that I am one who would opt to bury a loved one’s cremated remains in a cemetery or place in a columbarium.  However, I am not remiss in understanding that there are those who would like to memorialize loved ones in […]

Business Products

Finding your space in funeral service

One company says, their business is about “the option to deal with everything online in as little as five minutes” and meant to give back time to people who are grieving.  Another business says it is about “connecting with the families they serve”. One company wants to offer a simple solution and an all-inclusive price for cremation services.  Another company believes families come to them because they are leaders in the profession and dedicated to excellence. One company was started […]

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Recompose sets sights on Colorado

Recompose, the public benefits corporation that is moving the process of recomposition (human composting) into the commercial realm recently held a forum at the Feldman Mortuary in Denver, Colorado.  The forum was used to introduce the idea of recomposition to the Colorado market and also to announce that two Colorado legislators plan to introduce a bill in the next assembly that would legalize the process in the state. According to this article and news story from Channel 4 – CBS […]


Funeral Director / Entrepreneur wins competition with funeral product

David Murphy is not only a funeral director but he is well on his way to becoming the owner of a successful manufacturing business.  Murphy, a funeral director at the Newark, New York, family firm, Paul L. Murphy & Son Funeral Home recently was awarded $40,000 as the First Place recipient of the Wayne County Economic Development Corporation’s KickStart competition.  He received that award over 15 other competitors. Murphy’s invention, of which he is now manufacturing and selling is known […]

Cremation Products Regulations

We’re not in Kansas anymore. . .or are we?

Alkaline hydrolysis as a means of final disposition keeps growing in legality in states across the United States.  Recomposition, the act of human composting becomes legal in the State of Washington this year, and now it is probable that the State of Kansas will see a bill introduced into its legislature to legalize “promession” as another form of final disposition of a human remains. Promession as a process comes to us as the invention of Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak.  Wiigh-Masak […]

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Cremation. . .Greek church opposition. . . a couple new products

We will start off our December writings going to the subject of cremation.  Over the long holiday weekend we noticed a couple of articles that we found interesting.  We will bring you some information from Greece and a couple of cremation products that have their origin in Japan. As you know, from this article that Funeral Director Daily brought you last month, the first crematoriums in Greece started operating just this year. This article from The Greek Reporter caught our […]

Business Products

A new, hipper, choice in funerals

Last week I learned about, what I might classify as extraordinary and possibly trend setting – if one can say that about funeral establishments – new funeral home that opened recently in London.  The business named “Exit Here” was conceived by British restauranteer Oliver Peyton and his business partner, Barry Pritchard, a third generation funeral director and a board member of the UK’s National Association of Funeral Directors. You can read an article from Citylab on the business here. Exit […]


Recompose moving forward

Recompose, the private company that has been established to become the first company to use “human composting” as a method of final disposition is continuing to move ahead with their plans.  There is a very good article that we found in the Seattle Times, that you can read here, that makes note of the fact that the company has found a location for its first commercial site. The article, which we found very informative, lists the steps that Recompose founder […]


InvoCare invests in new cloud and bandwidth technology

Sometimes the way we communicate is overlooked and can, over time, creep costs upward and move operational productivity down at the same time.  Things like internet services and the providers that we use need to be reviewed every so often. InvoCare, which operates 290 funeral locations and 16 cemeteries across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore just made a decision to make sure that all locations had the bandwidth and network capacity to make sure that they could live stream funeral […]


Meet the “Glam Reaper”

Many of the nicest people I know work in the funeral profession.  And, an interesting thing about some of those people is listening to the stories of how they got into the profession.  I’ve talked to people who were medics in the army, drove ambulance, or worked as nurses who all saw the the compassion that funeral directors exhibited and it moved them to join the profession. Today, I want to introduce you to Ms. Jennifer Muldowney.  Ms. Muldowney, in […]