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Funeral Home Budgeting. . . the expense side

I’m taking the time today and tomorrow to re-run articles from last November on funeral home budgeting.  I posted these articles last year and had many positive comments and since we have many new readers since then, I figure that maybe my thoughts on budgeting — both the expense side and the revenue side — may be of interest to some. I like numbers, planning, and budgeting.  It was always somewhat of a game to me and I always enjoyed […]

Afternoon Edition

New national cemetery to open, Guidance on PPP loan expenses, Self-Care webinar available

We found a lot of information over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend that we thought was worthy of distribution to you.  Included in today’s message you will find information on our nation’s newest veteran’s cemetery to be dedicated today in western New York state.  The cemetery, eleven years in the making, has been designed to serve veterans from the Buffalo and Rochester areas. You will also find information from our friends at Clifton Larson Allen concerning last Spring’s Payroll Protection Program […]

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A couple of choices for future success in the death care space

Now that I’ve finished reporting on the quarterly reports of the large “established” companies in the death care realm, I thought it would be interesting to give my insight on a couple of  companies  that I think have a great potential to  “grow” into larger companies or services in the future. And while Tribute Technology reportedly just sold for over $1 billion, you will probably see that my short list is a little light in, what would generally be considered […]


Matthews reports 4Q and Year End 2020: Memorialization segment is high point

Our reports for the period of July thru September 2020 come to an end with today’s report on Matthews International.  Funeral Director Daily files reports every quarter on the eight public companies that make up our financial Death Care Index (DCI). Today’s report on Matthew’s International, which you can access here, encompasses the mentioned time period which is the 4th Quarter of Matthews fiscal year so we can give you Fiscal Year 2020 numbers also. First of all, for 4Q […]

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Give Thanks this Thanksgiving

I’m kind of tired of the word “unprecedented”.  It seems every time that I turn around someone is using that term in relation to the world and times we have been living in since February in the United States.  Yes, 2020 is different, but I’m not so sure that it is “unprecedented” for the upstaging of people’s lives. No doubt, for most of us living as adults in 2020 this is a year unlike any other we have probably faced. […]


Possible financial settlement in Michigan funeral home transgender case reported

A little over a year ago we told you of the case of Aimee Stephens and the Harris Funeral Home.  That court case was about to be heard at the United States Supreme Court at that time which would be ruling on whether or not there had been discrimination against a transgender person in a funeral home setting. If you remember the basics of the case, Ms. Stephens had been fired by the funeral home in defiance of wearing the […]


Security National reports 3Q 2020: Hitting on all cylinders

We continue to roll out the earnings reports of the public death care companies and today is no exception.  Today we tell you about one of the quieter companies that is starting to make a name for themselves as they grow. That company is Utah based Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) and divisions of the company are involved in mortuaries, cemeteries, funeral funding through insurance assignments, and preneed insurance.  In essence, from our point of view, while still small by […]


2020 and the realities of smaller cemeteries. . . Netherlands recommends alkaline hydrolysis

Over the last couple of years that I have published Funeral Director Daily, I’ve written on this topic a couple of times.  “This topic” is that of smaller association cemeteries and the financial plights more and more of them seem to be falling into.  I limit this discussion to “association cemeteries” simply because church cemeteries, municipal cemeteries, veteran cemeteries, and for-profit cemeteries have something to fall back to when the revenues start coming up less than the expenses. Association cemeteries, […]

Afternoon Edition

Heading into the weekend . . . .

It’s Friday and we are heading into the weekend preceding the Thanksgiving holiday.  With all of the death care companies reporting earnings reports in the last couple of weeks and our coverage of those we have a few articles that we feel our readers should have access to, yet we are not able to feature them in individual articles. So, here are some links that you can check out on your own this weekend. . . . .and they bring […]

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Lessons learned from growing up as an FDK (Funeral Director’s Kid)

This article will be published on Friday morning because I figure it won’t be real business like, but it will be something that the reader can carry into the weekend.  Lots of people talk about PK’s – Preacher’s Kids – but there is another group of us who grew up in a funeral home or near a funeral home and sometimes were expected to toe the line even more properly than PK’s because we were Funeral Director’s Kids (FDK’s). . […]