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Navy promotes first woman mortician to Senior Chief

By Funeral Director Daily / November 10, 2023 /

      Sometimes we have to be reminded of how wide reaching a career in mortuary science can be.  I’ve been an advocate of mortuary schools not only training students to become competent morticians but of also asking them to teach Financial Literacy and Business Economics so that those who begin as embalmers and…

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Will the “tailwinds” soon be back for death care M&A activity?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 9, 2023 /

  Going back to this August article from Donnelly Financial Solutions they believe that merger and acquisition activities were low earlier in 2023 because, at least in part, “Rising interest rates made it unappealing to borrow money. Inflation shifted company focuses elsewhere.  (and) Global volatility also swayed companies to press pause on M&A activity.” Nonetheless,…

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SCI execs give some insight to the “state of the business” in quarterly earnings call

By Funeral Director Daily / November 8, 2023 /

    Service Corporation International (SCI) reported 3rd Quarter financial numbers for 2023 last week which we highlighted in Monday’s edition of Funeral Director Daily.  Today, we perused the company’s earnings call of last week to try to find some insight into the questions those in the profession are asking at this point in time.…

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“Both Sides Now”

By Funeral Director Daily / November 7, 2023 /

      When I served on the Board of Regents for the University of Minnesota it was the first and only board representing the citizens of my state that I had the privilige to govern on.  With that privilige I also felt a huge obligation to make sure that I heard “both sides” of…

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Service Corporation 3Q: Regaining their revenue footing. . . .potential challenges ahead

By Funeral Director Daily / November 6, 2023 /

  Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 3rd Quarter of 2023 financial results last week.  While their cumulative 6 -month report had revenues lagging behind the 2022 comparables, the 3Q 2023 report shows revenues increasing by 2.5% over the 3Q 2022 numbers — the 2nd consecutive quarter of increased revenue comparables.  SCI pulled in total…

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Other opinions. . .and news you can use

By Funeral Director Daily / November 3, 2023 /

  Wow!!  It’s already November 3 or what I say in Minnesota. . . “into the Winter season we go”.  Being a Friday this is probably a good time to clean off my desk with some links to articles you might want to see.   First of all, I’ll bring you some business opinions from…

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Death care costs are getting more expensive. . .and in Hawaii you will pay the most

By Funeral Director Daily / November 2, 2023 /

    Great Britain’s Daily Mail recently produced this article entitled “The True cost of dying in America“.  The article is a little light on methodology so I don’t know exactly how to take it, but it did point to research done by an online pharmacy company named NowPatient which compared a lot of consumer…

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Batesville says “families. . .are willing to pay more for products that help to minimize their environmental impact”

By Funeral Director Daily / November 1, 2023 /

    On October 30, 2023, Batesville issued a press release introducing the “Generations by Batesville” — “a new line of sustainable caskets designed to address the increasing demand for more enviornmentally-friendly products“.  You can see the press release here.   Of the new line of caskets, Jenn Parvin, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for…

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New funeral home to be built in Pasco, Washington

By Funeral Director Daily / October 31, 2023 /

    There is nothing more American than starting a business small and then growing that business to be much bigger.  It’s the way that immigrant families grew their businesses in America starting from before this land was America.   Our family’s a perfect example.  For some reason my great-grandfather, his wife, and one-year old…

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“The Burial”: Movie seems to be playing to good reviews

By Funeral Director Daily / October 30, 2023 /

  After a short theatre opening the movie “The Burial” has been available for on-demand viewing on Amazon Prime since October 13.  Based somewhat on the 1990’s legal case between defunct Canadian funeral home acquisition company the Loewen Group and a group of death care properties owned by funeral director Jeremiah O’Keefe in Mississippi the…

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