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British preneed company being investigated for fraud

By Funeral Director Daily / October 27, 2023 /

  Trust is hard to earn. . . .and many times, harder to keep.   Any business that promises a service at a later date in return for a payment now comes under scrutiny by almost everyone.  However, most businesses that are conducted that way have a horde of government regulations that keep consumers safe.…

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Consistency?, Price?. . . .what are the consumers looking for?

By Funeral Director Daily / October 26, 2023 /

      When you get to be my age you have many of your friends’ parents passing away.  One of the things I’ve noticed about that is when the 2nd parent dies the family almost always uses the same funeral home that they used for the first death.  That’s not surprising — it’s what…

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Indigent funerals and funeral home owner benevolence

By Funeral Director Daily / October 25, 2023 /

  I live in America which is a representative democracy with the freedom for individuals to attain through education, hard work, creative enterprise, investment, and sometimes just plain luck the ability to gain and collect more resources than others.  To that same end, the country offers no guarantee that your work and life will end…

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Death, funerals, and mental health

By Funeral Director Daily / October 24, 2023 /

    If you have worked in the death care profession for any length of time you will have noticed several changes that have taken place.  And, as I’ve done some research on what seems to be taking place, sometimes the choices of the consumer public seem contradictory to me. . . . although there…

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Matthews International. . . its history and its business

By Funeral Director Daily / October 23, 2023 /

A recent article in Smart Business Pittsburgh magazine featured the Death Care conglomerate Matthews International.  Matthews is known in Death Care from Matthews Memorialization which includes the ability to supply to funeral homes and cemeteries products such as caskets, cremation equipment, and cemetery markers among a host of products.   The article, which you can…

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What’s with the tennis shoes??

By Funeral Director Daily / October 20, 2023 /

This article from CBS News began with this sentence, “In offices across the country, the sneakers-with-a-suit look is becoming increasingly common. Now, even the hallowed halls of U.S. Congress are embracing the trend.”  And, if you go to that article you will find a short CBS video news story about members of the United States…

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Titan Casket names “Brand Ambassador”

By Funeral Director Daily / October 19, 2023 /

  Titan Casket isn’t your normal funeral supply company.  They are a little edgy and they take their case directly to the consumer, although they have a program for funeral homes to partner with them, too.  They aren’t afraid of stepping on a few historical funeral toes.   In one way, however, they are not…

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Park Lawn/Everstory Partners agree on properties sale

By Funeral Director Daily / October 18, 2023 /

    Park Lawn Corporation announced yesterday in this press release that they have reached an agreement to sell at least 83 death care properties, consisting of 72 cemeteries and 11 funeral homes to Everstory Partners, the new brand of the former StoneMor company.   Here’s what the press release states:  “The divestiture includes 72…

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Google Search. . . . and why funeral homes need Ring Ring Marketing

By Funeral Director Daily / October 17, 2023 /

  Part of my daily routine is to get a run (or some tell me it is a jog. . . or even a slog)  in early in the morning.  However, even before I do that I log onto my computer to check to see if Funeral Director Daily was distributed overnight as expected.  I…

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What to know about Death Care in DC

By Funeral Director Daily / October 16, 2023 /

  As you know there are always issues going on in our nation’s capital of Washington, DC.  And, some of those issues will touch on the business of Death Care.   Today from my latest observations, some things I’ve researched,  and some of the things I took in at the recent National Funeral Directors Association…

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