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Afternoon edition. . .heavy on cemetery news

The afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily weighs heavily with cemetery related news.  Let’s see. . . .we’ve got a name change, a cemetery hoping to receive historical certification, and a cemetery where Action News Troubleshooters tells of a cemetery where it took some time, but eventually, the consumer was taken care of.  Medway Cemetery completes final phase in process toward receiving national historical status.  Milford Daily News (MA) Action News Troubleshooters help widow with husband’s headstone.  WPVA – 6 […]


America’s cemetery problems

Summer is, historically, a time that relatives visit the graves of long deceased members of the family.  Generally, between Memorial Day and Labor Day many families pack up for an afternoon and take a short trip to visit and do some upkeep on the family graves.  Others visit when they get back to their hometowns for a high school reunion or just to go visit relatives who still live in the childhood community. Well, that is the way it used […]


Pennsylvania church apparently moves graves without permission

I came across this article from the Echo Pilot of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, the other day.  To me, it is a somewhat disturbing article on a church cemetery, or what I’ll call an annex, with apparently only two burials in the annex.  The church also owns a main cemetery and apparently were moving two vaults from graves in the annex to the main cemetery without family approval.  Oddly enough, a relative of the people being moved came upon the scene as […]

Cemetery Regulations

Lawsuit against Park Lawn affiliate

Last week Funeral Director Daily learned about a lawsuit against a Park Lawn affiliate cemetery from this article.  The article contends that the American Moslem Society (AMS) of Dearborn, Michigan, has filed a lawsuit alleging an attempt by Woodmere Cemetery to breach its contract with the mosque. According to the article, AMS has purchased more than $5 million worth of graves and burial services over the last two decades. AMS now alleges that a contract that was signed in 2017 […]


The battle to build a cemetery

New Orleans, Louisiana, is known as a great American city.  Because the city sits about 15-18 feet below sea level and has levies protecting the city its cemeteries are well known for their unique above ground burials in some places.  Because of some of these type of land issues, the city itself has found itself in the cemetery businesses by owning six cemeteries within the city limits. And lately, the city has became known as one of the American cities […]

Business Cemetery Products

Keeping the business flowing

I love the idea of “American ingenuity”.  To me it means the thought process that is developed to keep things moving ahead even when the system to do so has been upended.  And, around the world this Spring, the system has truly been upended with the advent of the COVID-19 situation. However, if you are a small business, you have to figure out a way to keep the cash rolling in so that you can pay the bills.  Many small […]

Cemetery Preneed

The savings rate and what it can do for preneed and cemetery sales

It’s not even noon on Sunday yet and I’ve had a pretty good day already.  Minnesota has allowed churches to open at 25% of capacity so my wife and I attended church today, albeit wearing masks and sitting far from anybody else, for the first time since mid-March.  Also, singing was banned for just instrumental music, but for someone who has a spiritual bent to them, it felt really good to be in church.  I’ve also had a chance to […]

Cemetery Regulations

A Memorial Day like no other

Monday will bring Memorial Day to those of us in the United States.  It is a day like none other.  Not only does it serve as the weekend when summer begins, but it ultimately is the day all Americans should solemnly, sometime during the day, ponder and give thanks to all who were willing to serve in our country’s armed forces and be ready to give their life for the values that America stands for. Today’s holiday is born out […]


Calverton National Cemetery suspends group flag placements

It was announced this week that Calverton National Cemetery, a property of the National Cemetery Administration and reserved for our nation’s honored veterans and their dependents, will be suspending their tradition of allowing groups to place American flags at grave sites for Memorial Day “because of the health risks posed by the coronavirus”. Calverton National Cemetery is located in Suffolk County, New York, on the eastern shore of Long Island. The National Cemetery Administration issued this statement,  “NCA will not […]

Cemetery Finance

Park Lawn moves cemetery projects forward

Earlier in March Park Lawn Corporation, the Toronto based funeral home and cemetery consolidator and operator, announced that it was updating their progress on a couple of large projects. The company announced that construction of an on-site funeral visitation and reception center at the Westminster Cemetery in Toronto was under way. The structure will be a 32,100 square foot facility and will be the company’s first on-site cemetery visitation center in Canada.    The press release which you can read […]