Bodies found at the Alamo. . . thefts of bronze vases

The Alamo in St. Antonio, Texas, was the site of the famous “Battle for Texas Independence” back in 1836.  It was a 13-day epic battle with the forces of the Mexican nation and where it is believed that Texas pioneers and frontiersmen Davey Crocket and Jim Bowie met their mortal fate. What many people don’t realize was that the Alamo was a church or a mission on the Texas frontier at the time.  It is in the middle of a […]


It’s Wreaths Across America Week

As a child and even as a young funeral director, I distinctly remember a plaque in our family funeral home that stated, “Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of it’s people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals“. That quote is attributed to Sir William Ewert Gladstone, Prime Minister of Great Britain beginning in 1868.  It’s something […]

Cemetery Cremation

Cape Town appeals for cremations

On Monday we brought you an article featuring the Church of Greece telling its parishioners that they would be denied a church service if they choose cremation over the long traditional custom of earth burial.  Today, we bring you this article which deals with the topic of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, appealing for its residents to choose cremation over the traditional earth burial custom. As you might expect, the Cape Town appeal comes from a virtual lack […]


Decision overturned. . .golf course to become cemetery

The Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) met in October and reversed a decision made more than a year ago about a closed golf course in Lakeshore, Ontario.  According to this article from the CBC, the Roman Catholic Diocese of London (Ontario) appealed an earlier decision that will allow it to turn the 143 acre former Hydeaway Golf Course into a Diocese cemetery. Pat Simone, the general manager of the Diocese cemetery mentioned that the cemetery will not be fully […]


Alabama cemetery board member charged with theft

This news video and article from WAFF-TV brings to light the charges against a member of the Legg Cemetery in Limestone County, Alabama.  According to the article, the board member has been charged with first-degree theft after investigators reportedly found $60,000 of the cemetery’s money in her possession. It also appears that after a county investigation, the same cemetery lots may have been sold more than once resulting in numerous parties believing they are the owners of certain lots.  Investigators […]


Whose casket is it?

The other day we came across this unusual article in the Voldosta Today News.  The story revolves around the private mausoleum of the E.D. Rivers, Jr. family. E.D. (Eurith Dickinson) Rivers, Jr. was the 68th Governor of Georgia and served from 1937 to 1941.  According to the above referenced article, he and his wife Mattie Lucile Lashley Rivers were entombed above ground in a private family mausoleum within the City Cemetery in Lakeland, Georgia. Again, according to the article, members […]

Business Cemetery Preneed

From the Veterans Day file

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day across the United States and we noticed a couple of funeral related items that we thought we would pass on to our readers. First of all, we noticed how Service Corporation International’ s Dignity Memorial location in Western Michigan received some really good attention on a television talk show about pre-planning options for veterans.  You can see the video here.  This is great publicity and public information. We just think it is great marketing by the […]


The dead rising?

Regardless what your personal views are on climate change, we found this article from the E & E News that explains that there have been a lot more cemeteries that have seen problems from rising water and what E & E determines is climate change in the last couple of years. The article starts off with this first two sentences.  “The dead rise in Louisiana.  All it takes is some floodwater.” The article continues with this paragraph.  “People in this […]

Business Cemetery

Just in time for Halloween

Leave it to a couple of iconic names in the business news world to connect the death care profession with Halloween.  Although you should probably expect it, we came across a couple of articles today that link our livelihoods with the October 31 holiday. First, from Forbes.  In this article you can read about “13 careers that are not for the faint of heart”.  The first occupation that they write about is that of being a funeral director.  Quite frankly, […]


Vancouver cemetery considers three dimensional plots

Sustainability and the ability to make more out of less has led the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia, to explore options that would allow more graves in the cemetery.  The cemetery has operated in the city since 1887 and was shut down to new grave lot purchases during the time period of 1986 to 2008. The interesting thing about allowing “more graves” is not that they will be platted on more ground, but will be sold in a […]