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What is the proper storage protocol in a pandemic

Over the last few days and weeks we have seen a surge in COVID related deaths in areas that had not necessarily had a surge in them yet.  Over the course of the past ten months we have seen peaks and valleys in different localities during the course of this pandemic.  We’ve also seen recent articles on how funeral homes are handling the surge in cases as they sometimes multiply to 3, 4, or even five times their normal rates […]

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Indiana funeral directors deal with double whammy. . . .COVID deaths and new death certificate system

Have you ever been really, really busy and then as you try to get something done, nothing seems to work correctly?  It seems like that happens to me a lot.  Well, it is happening to our colleagues in the state of Indiana where they have recently surpassed the 8,200 number of deaths from COVID-19. Not only are many funeral directors extremely busy trying to care for the deceased, but also in taking care of the living.  Couple that busy-ness with […]

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Treasure seeker pleads guilty in Fort Yellowstone Cemetery charges

It was reported in this press release from the United States Attorneys District of Wyoming office that a treasure seeker in the Forrest Fenn inspired treasure hunt had pleaded guilty to charges of “excavating or trafficking in archaeological resources, and injury or depredation to United States property” within Fort Yellowstone Cemetery. This is not the typical Funeral Director Daily article but it is a tale that I found very interesting and, quite frankly, was amazed that I had not heard […]

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Service above self. . . . the funeral director in 2020

As we move into the weekend we bring you some reading material including an article on how the indigent funeral program in Ohio has more requests than usual because of a combination of not only COVID-19 deaths, but an uptick in opioid deaths as well. We also bring you a video and news story out of Buffalo that tells of a crematory about to re-open after paying a fine and being temporarily shut down by the New York State Department […]

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United States passes 3 million deaths in 2020. . . first time ever

The Associated Press recently reported in this article that the United States will, for the first time ever, pass the 3 million mark in actual deaths recorded in a single calendar year.  And, in what is not a surprise to anybody in the country in this COVID-19 year, the number of deaths will be an approximately 15% increase in the number of deaths from 2019. While those numbers don’t surprise anybody there is a lot to learn from this article […]


COVID relief bill may include funeral expense payments

I had not intended to put out an Afternoon Edition of Funeral Director Daily today, however, when I looked at articles that came to me this morning, I found one that was right in the news and “right up our profession’s alley” so to speak.  I thought it might be timely with this in the news right now and possibly out of the news by the time I next publish on Monday, December 28. As you are probably aware of, […]

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Wilbert offering free CEU hours to funeral directors

I’ve learned, and am not surprised, that there are companies out there that really understand that the coronavirus pandemic has been detrimental in many ways.  I never really thought about it but for those of us who like to get our continuing education hours in a live setting, we realize that those settings have been discontinued in the wake of social regulations in our society this year. While I understand that has been tremendously detrimental on companies from all industries […]

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Death care, change, transparency, and the consumer perspective

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read two different articles with two different perspectives of the death care business.  One article brought out criticisms of our professions that some in the consumer world have held since the days of Jessica Mitford and her 1963 book entitled “The American Way of Death”.  That article, that you can read here,  was entitled “How to Die in Texas” and was published last week by a publication called the Texas Observer. The […]

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Give Thanks this Thanksgiving

I’m kind of tired of the word “unprecedented”.  It seems every time that I turn around someone is using that term in relation to the world and times we have been living in since February in the United States.  Yes, 2020 is different, but I’m not so sure that it is “unprecedented” for the upstaging of people’s lives. No doubt, for most of us living as adults in 2020 this is a year unlike any other we have probably faced. […]


Possible financial settlement in Michigan funeral home transgender case reported

A little over a year ago we told you of the case of Aimee Stephens and the Harris Funeral Home.  That court case was about to be heard at the United States Supreme Court at that time which would be ruling on whether or not there had been discrimination against a transgender person in a funeral home setting. If you remember the basics of the case, Ms. Stephens had been fired by the funeral home in defiance of wearing the […]