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Funeral Home News from Wall Street

I woke up Tuesday morning and noticed that Stonmor’s stock had plunged almost 11%.  In checking it out I noticed that the company issued a statement that they are in technical default on their revolving credit agreement and they mentioned that they may have more adverse events occur in mid-August.  The stock  was trading at Monday’s close at  $7.97 — that is down from a high of over $25 just over a year ago.  All analysts that follow Stonmor have […]


Value of Intangibles in a Funeral Home Sale

I happened to be watching a funeral industry podcast today and this question was asked of the “Expert” , “What value to the sale are pre-arrangement contracts that are not tied to the funeral home, but could be moved?”  The expert’s answer was something like this, “Absolutely nothing.  They can be moved to a competing funeral home so no new owner will pay anything for an asset that is not guaranteed to be there.” I’m somewhat in disagreement with that […]


Is Your Funeral Home Ready for this Situation?

On Sunday I heard of a potential hostage situation at a funeral home in Las Vegas.  According to the Las Vegas Review it was not a hostage situation but a situation of a man threatening to shoot himself inside the Davis Funeral Home in Las Vegas. Authorities were called to the funeral home, roads — and even some runways at the adjacent McCarren Airport — were closed, and it took some time for the police squads to get the man […]


NFDA Publishes Annual Cremation and Burial Report

Every year the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) publishes their Cremation and Burial Report.  This year’s much anticipated copy was released on July 6, 2017.  It is an interesting document filled with statistics, research, and dialogue that should be a must read for every person in the Death Care industry.  You can read it here. The 2017 report, as I said is very interesting.  One thing that it points out is that, in keeping with the growing trend towards cremation, […]


Try a Cemetery Tour for Public Relations

An article I read in piqued my interest about the potential for public relations.  The article featured the small community of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, and some of the events that were going on there in conjunction with the community’s 150th anniversary celebration.  One of the events that caught my eye was that of a “Cemetery Walking Tour”. Turns out that over 50 people came to walk thru the Blooming Prairie Cemetery and the St. Columbanus Cemetery and hear stories […]


Is this How we Want Funerals Paid For?

Over the last couple of days I have seen various media reports about the 11 year old in Illinois who has been given a short time to live following the unsuccessful treatment of an aggressive brain tumor.  The reports also go on to tell of the young lady’s sister, who is 15 years old, organizing a yard sale and Go Fund Me page to raise money for the eventual funeral expenses.  I saw it latest in AccessAtlanta. The 15 – […]


NFDA Publishes Consumer Survey

On June 22 the National Funeral Director’s Association released the findings of their Annual Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study.  Headlines of the Press Release from that day indicate that about 2/3 of American consumers feel it is very important to communicate the plans for their own funeral services, but only about one in five people have done so. The release from NFDA also points out some other things that you will understand just from being involved in the business but […]

Business Cremation

Rural America: Can Cremation/Memorial Services be Your Friend??

I graduated from mortuary school in 1980 and in June of that year entered the funeral profession.  Life was pretty simple, families were of the nuclear type, services only differed dependent on what religion the deceased belonged to, and there was no cremation in my little area of Minnesota.  I tell this story often — in the summer of 1982 – virtually two years after I started working, a family walked in to the mortuary, told us that mom had […]


Stay on Top of Possible Financial Cuts coming Your Way

Recently as I peruse articles about the death care business I’ve been surprised by the number of articles that deal with some type of government funded “cut” coming to funeral service.  Just a week after posting about the Province of New Brunswick (Canada) reducing government support for indigent funeral and cremation services, I have discovered the same type of thing happening in Saskatchewan and also an article about the State of North Carolina refusing to fund a request of $200,000 […]


New Brunswick alters Low/No Income Funeral Packages

The province of New Brunswick in Canada has just approved a new three-year contract with the 64 funeral homes and 500 funeral directors in the province for payment of those people who cannot afford to pay for their own funerals.  According to the recent release from most funeral practitioners are not happy. When asked if they were not happy why then did they accept the agreement, Nancy Matthews of the New Brunswick Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association was reported […]