The value of non-conventional marketing

It’s hard for me to believe that I now call Direct Mail, Radio, and Newspaper advertising “non-conventional”.  When I started in the business that was about as “conventional” as it got.

However, when I am looking online for products to buy I’ve become accustomed to looking at the “Reviews” or the “Star Ratings” now.  I don’t want to order something from someone who others might, for instance, say is tough to return merchandise to.  Or, is slow to receive the merchandise from. . . or, in the case of shoes, seems to be improper sizing.  And, I figure, if I am doing some referencing by those reviews and ratings. . . .then so are a lot of other people.

I do continue to believe, though, that there is a place for what is now termed “non-conventional” advertising in your quiver of advertising arrows.  I’m of the belief that “Top of Mind Awareness” is always a positive for any business and the funeral business is no exception.  The more “Top of Mind Awareness” your business has, the better off you will be.

I consider “Top of Mind Awareness” to be the product you think of when asked something.  For instance if I asked you to name a Quick Service Restaurant, would you say McDonald’s, or Chick fil-a, or Chipotle, or Burger King. . . you get the idea.  The one you name is at the “Top of your Mind” and over time will be where you do your business.

I think a funeral home gets a percentage of death calls when the next of kin is asked by a physician or nurse in the emergency room or hospital room, “What funeral home would you like me to call?”  At that time, for most people, there is no Star Ratings or Reviews to look at. . . . the funeral home named is the one at the “Top of Mind” of the family member.

I tell the sponsors of Funeral Director Daily that they will not get tons of clicks from sponsoring Funeral Director Daily but they will stay “Top of Mind” with repeated daily exposure to funeral homes all over the country for when that funeral home needs their type of service.

So, I think non-conventional” Direct Mail, Radio, and Newspaper advertising are perfect for staying “Top of Mind” for funeral homes.  The funeral home business, being a local business, can also use digital media to stay “Top of Mind” as long as it is local and you are not paying national rates for local coverage.

I also noticed the following series from Ring Ring Marketing that includes short articles on why you should be advertising some of your budget in the non-conventional market.  Here’s three short articles to bring you into the weekend and learn about how these media sources can help your funeral home.

  1. Non-digital Funeral Home Marketing Part 1:  Direct Mailers
  2. Non-digital Funeral Home Marketing Part 2:  Radio
  3. Non-digital Funeral Home Marketing Part 3:  Print Advertising

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  1. John on July 26, 2021 at 8:54 am

    What about direct mail?
    Thank you

  2. Glenn Gould on July 23, 2021 at 9:20 am

    Digital marketing has captured industries, including funeral service. It is a great media for small volume firms in as much as even a small ad budget can be effective. My experience is that most funeral business owners are not particularly knowledgable of the diverse digital advertising options: Social Media; Pay Per Click; OTT; Geo-fencing, Email Marketing and SEO: Blogs, Landing Pages. It is obvious most firms under value digital marketing by the websites they choose. Most funeral home websites are worthless, or near worthless at bringing business to the firm, instead they are developed to promote and sell products; IE: flowers and caskets.
    Regarding traditional advertising, newspaper and radio have not been productive funeral home media for decades. However, billboard and television, both cable and broadcast, continue to be very productive just for the reason sited in your article; name awareness. The average senior television is on 5 hours daily, they don’t skip ads, and with senior relocation to retirement communities, many seniors rely on advertising when selecting everything from grocers, butchers, dentist and death care.

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