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I’ve said it before, “The niches are coming” to funeral service

By Funeral Director Daily / January 18, 2023 /

  I’ve said it before and truly believe it.  Death care is changing and will continue to change.  No longer are traditional funeral homes the only option for those who need death care services.   Have you heard of the “Be a Tree Cremation Service” of Denver, Colorado, yet?  Neither had I until this past…

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New Hampshire “Sustainable Funeral” group working to change state’s embalming law

By Funeral Director Daily / February 7, 2022 /

If you follow the trends in death care you will notice that not only increased cremation continues to happen, but so does interest in alkaline hydrolysis, recomposition, and other “green burial” practices.  According to this article, in New Hampshire 18-year old Anya Nicoll and state legislator Jerry Knirk are working towards changing a 1971 state…

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Desmond Tutu, alkaline hydrolysis, and the power of celebrity endorsement

By Funeral Director Daily / January 10, 2022 /

It’s not every day that something that happens with a funeral gets publicity around the world.  However, like in other events in the history of the world, there are points that you can look back on in retrospect and say that they could have been turning points in society mores. As I’ve been searching for…

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Natural Organic Reduction now operating in Colorado

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2021 /

According to this article from U.S. News & World Report, the process of natural organic reduction or what is commonly referred by many consumers as “human composting” is now available in the state of Colorado.  Legalized by the state over a year ago with a September 7, 2021, legal start date, at least one death…

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Craft beers and Green funerals

By Funeral Director Daily / January 19, 2021 /

I read this article entitled “Everyone dies, so why not go out as a tree?” from Denverite magazine.  I even smile as I write this but it made me think of craft beer. I’m not alcohol free.  I had of my share of beer. . . especially in my twenties.  Today, however, I’m more for…

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“Get to Know Them”: Nicki Mikolai

By Funeral Director Daily / December 10, 2020 /

Today’s Funeral Director Daily “Get to Know Them” feature introduces our readers to Nicki Mikolai.  Nicki graduated from my alma mater – the University of Minnesota – and has performed an extensive array of work in the death care profession.  She is a licensed funeral director and had worked for the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank…

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Playing the “What if” game

By Funeral Director Daily / October 27, 2020 /

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in whatever you are doing I would suggest to play the “What if” game every once in a while just to see where you are standing.  The “What if” game can be played in all lines of business and is, in my opinion, a great exercise…

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TGIF – It’s been quite a week!!

By Funeral Director Daily / February 7, 2020 /

Let’s see. . . Super Bowl, State of the Union Speech, Impeachment Vote, my Minnesota Twins got involved in a blockbuster baseball trade, and my Minnesota Gophers beat arch-rival Wisconsin in basketball. . . it’s been quite a week to keep everything straight.  To end it for my Funeral Director Daily readers I will not…

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The Greening of cremation

By Funeral Director Daily / November 13, 2019 /

National Geographic magazine published an article the other day that you can read here.  It was published in their “Environment and Conservation” sector and is entitled, “The environmental toll of cremating the dead“. The article makes the statement that 78% of Brits are now cremated and in America, we have surpassed the number of burials…

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Minnesota firm approved for alkaline hydrolysis, more

By Funeral Director Daily / October 23, 2019 /

About ten days ago we told you that Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home and Cremation in Jordan, Minnesota, was pursuing the idea of placing an alkaline hydrolysis unit in their business so that client families have a choice between flame cremation and alkaline hydrolysis – sometimes known as water or green cremation. According to this article, the…

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