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Alkaline hydrolysis discussed at Minnesota city planning commission

By Funeral Director Daily / October 16, 2019 /

Nine years ago, the Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation business had a protracted discussion with community residents about allowing the first crematory in the city of Jordan, Minnesota, to open.  Back then citizens filed lawsuits against the city and state that in effect said that zoning rulings for “funeral home” and “crematories” were not identical uses.…

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July numbers show Funeral Director Daily keeps increasing readership, viewership

By Funeral Director Daily / August 26, 2019 /

We want to continue to thank our loyal readers for making Funeral Director Daily what we believe is the fastest growing informational format for the death care industry read today.  Our readership increased for the 3rd consecutive month — and for July 2019 from June 2019 we saw an increase of 6.8% of daily views. …

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Death care and the (near term) changes coming

By Funeral Director Daily / August 12, 2019 /

We all know that over the long-term, such as the past 40 years between 1980 and now, change has occurred in the death care industry mainly by the advent of the almost universal acceptance of cremation.  Most funeral homes have been able to weather that storm by offering services for both types of choices in…

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The Ontario liquid cremation debate

By Funeral Director Daily / July 30, 2019 /

Since February 2018 there has been a moratorium on the installation and licensing of liquid cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, in the Canadian province of Ontario.  At this point in time, according to this article from the Ottawa Citizen, the Wartman Funeral Home of Kingston is the only facility in the…

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15 month odyssey for Green Burial completed

By Funeral Director Daily / June 20, 2019 /

A written article and video news story from NBC Connecticut that you can see here tells the story of the death and eventual burial of Ms. Tessa Pascarella.  The story is one of the difficulty of having a green burial on land you own and how that can be accomplished.  To me, it is also…

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Who drives the choices?

By Funeral Director Daily / May 7, 2019 /

I spent three days last week in Las Vegas with about 150 other people from the death care profession.  The group is a wide mix of people, with all of us having the death care industry in common.  Some are small funeral home owner/operators like me, some are CEOs of the largest public death care…

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Are you prepared to enter a new era of funeral service

By Funeral Director Daily / April 23, 2019 /

Options are great for the consumer.  And, according to this article from Governing.com, those people that live in the state of Washington are about to have another option for death care. Last Friday the House and Senate in that state approved a bill that will allow for “Natural Organic Reduction” of human remains, or a…

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Independents strategize niche on three continents

By Funeral Director Daily / April 5, 2019 /

Without even recognizing it funeral service has always had niche businesses inside of it.  Even full service funeral homes could fit in the niche category if they exclusively catered to protestant or catholic clientele. . . or if they were a cremation society type discounter.  We’ve always had some niche operations in the industry even…

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A niche market. . . .to pursue or avoid?

By Funeral Director Daily / March 27, 2019 /

I read an interesting article the other day from the Washington Post that you can read here about the death of a 77-year old man in Washington state.  It is an interesting article about a family’s decision to skip the funeral home and bring the man back to his home for three days of visitation…

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Washington State Senate vote brings human composting closer to reality

By Funeral Director Daily / February 15, 2019 /

A bill that would make composting of human beings a legal form of human disposition cleared its first hurdle in the State of Washington passing a Senate vote with a 36-11 margin last week.  You can read an article about the vote and Senate bill SB 5001 here. The bill’s main sponsor, Sen. Jamie Pedersen…

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