Minnesota firm approved for alkaline hydrolysis, more

An Alkaline Hydrolysis machine

About ten days ago we told you that Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home and Cremation in Jordan, Minnesota, was pursuing the idea of placing an alkaline hydrolysis unit in their business so that client families have a choice between flame cremation and alkaline hydrolysis – sometimes known as water or green cremation.

According to this article, the company was approved by the City of Jordan to offer the additional service.  It is interesting to note that no “significant conditions” were added to the approval.  It was noted in the article that one former councilman had advocated for a amendment that would have conditions that no bodies from outside Scott County could be served in Jordan by this process.  That person is quoted in the article saying, “We don’t want bodies coming from other counties that may be diseased or contain radiation from chemotherapy.”

According to the article, Ballard-Sunder plans to market alkaline hydrolysis as a premium product and believe that 25% of their current flame cremation clients will choose the method in the first year of operation.

More Municipal action —  This article pertains to a proposed purchase in Trumbull County, Ohio.  It pertains to a letter signed by county officials to consider buying the former McFarland Funeral Home in Warren, Ohio, as a location for the county coroner office.

According to the article, the funeral business operated for more than 120 years at this location but has been closed since July.  The letter encouraged commissioners to inspect the space and consider a fair price to be offered.  The letter also contains the following, “The location of this structure and property would be more efficient for intra-county business, and a perfect fit with many of the other county offices that work with the coroner’s office.”

In the article Julie Green, the interim director of the Trumbull County Planning Commission said her office will research all options and at least one county commissioner stated the idea deserves consideration and review.

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