Cemetery life: Halloween movie cancelled, lawsuit

Today we decided that we would be light on the editorial topic and just present a couple of short news articles to our readers concerning issues in cemeteries across the country.

The first article that we will furnish to our readers is here and concerns the Lafayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where a family fun movie night was being scheduled for the cemetery on October 26.  Organizers thought the event would be a great family event where adults and children in the community could come together for a pre-Halloween festivity.

Cemetery lot owners and those with loved ones in the cemetery objected and the cemetery has now cancelled the event.

Our second article that you can read here pertains to a cemetery in Portland, Oregon.  For a burial, dating back to 1996, the cemetery has now had a lawsuit filed against it for “desecrating” the infant remains that were inside the casket.

According to the article, the $5 million lawsuit stems from the discovery this summer when the casket was disinterred in order to have the remains cremated.  Again, according to the article, the plaintiff believes that the casket was damaged at sometime when the cemetery was installing underground irrigation.

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