I’ve said it before, “The niches are coming” to funeral service


I’ve said it before and truly believe it.  Death care is changing and will continue to change.  No longer are traditional funeral homes the only option for those who need death care services.


Have you heard of the “Be a Tree Cremation Service” of Denver, Colorado, yet?  Neither had I until this past weekend when I came across this article from 5280 – Denver’s Mile High Magazine.


Turns out that “Be a Tree Cremation” is a new business located in Denver that specializes in alkaline hydrolysis, or what many generally refer to as “Water Cremation”.  It appears that the company began last year and has had services already as looking at their website and obituaries would indicate.


“Be a Tree Cremation” seems to specialize in alkaline hydrolysis with the added service of preparing what they call “Tree Tea”.  This is the non-remains portion of the alkaline hydrolysis that, according to the website,  “. . is mindfully applied to various landscapes. Families are informed about the location of their loved one’s Tree Tea during the arrangement process.”


It is also interesting to note that survivors are also allowed to pay a “packaging fee” which allows these survivors to take home 16 ounce containers or 7-gallon containers of the “Tree Tea” for their own use.  From my point of view, that seems to be another option available for surviving family members to memorialize their loved one.


According to the company website, the basic fee for complete services of alkaline hydrolysis and return of the remains to the family in a Bamboo urn is listed as $3,350.  That is a premium price as compared to direct flame cremation with no services in the Denver area, but I’m guessing that the founders of “Be a Tree Cremation” are counting on this being a premium service for those with an environmental bent to their death care wishes.


Again, from my point of view in perusing the “Be a Tree Cremation” website, they seem to be doing everything right in their quest for obtaining clientele.  They are holding monthly seminars on pre-arrangement and are even offering web-based seminars on their services as well as other topics of interest to seniors.


Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

It’s certainly a trend in death care disposition services that providers now go after a niche market because they believe there is enough numbers in that niche, if they can control it, to bring them profitable business.  It’s happening in online direct cremation with no services, it’s happening in natural organic reduction, and it’s happening in alkaline hydrolysis.  And, these disposition services that don’t offer any type of memorial service are also creating a niche market for those companies that will specialize in the memorial service and/or celebration type services for those families that want an event.


It reminds me that “Death care is no longer just your mom and dad’s funeral home”.  I keep telling myself that, because the change is happening right before our eyes.


Here is the website for “Be a Tree Cremation”.


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