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Cemetery clean up — Is there a perfect way to notify families?

We bring you this article from the Longview (TX) News Journal that deals with the clean up of two cemeteries in the city.  The cemeteries are both owned by Service Corporation International and the news article deals with some families dismay that they believe that they were not properly notified of the clean up. According to the article, family members are disappointed that memorabilia, as well as flowers and flags, were cleaned off of the grave sites and disposed of.  […]

Cemetery Regulations

Human composting bill introduced in New York

Last year the state of Washington became the first in the nation to legalize human disposition by human composting or recomposition, as it has been termed.  That law allows the process starting on May 1 of this year. Since that news broke we know of efforts in Colorado to move recomposition forward.  We also know of bills introduced into the legislature in California and now, according to this article, in New York. A prime sponsor of the New York legislation […]


Oberlin-Turnbull add Hicksville chapel

The Oberlin-Turnbull Funeral Homes, which serve northwest Ohio and northeast Indiana, recently announced the acquisition of the Smith & Brown Funeral Home of Hicksville, Ohio, as their sixth operating chapel. According to the Oberlin-Turnbull Funeral Home and Crematory web-site the company has a history back to 1922 when it was known as the Oberlin-Ford Funeral Home.  Today’s funeral home continues to have Cliff Oberlin as a 3rd generation funeral director on duty. Again, according to the company website, Tom Turnbull […]


Kreamer Funeral Home moving into 4th generation of service

The Kreamer Funeral Home was established in 1915 by brothers William E. and Wilbur Kreamer in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.  According to a history on the company web-site, William’s son, Robert, assumed control of the firm in 1958 and his son, Steven, became the 3rd generation owner and operator in 1984.  The Kreamer family now serves in the communities of Annville and Jonestown, Pennsylvania. This article tells the story of 4th generation family member and funeral director Christian Kreamer, age 24, who […]


Keeping up with Green cemeteries

While Funeral Director Daily has not written much on the subject lately, in today’s news feed we found two articles on the green burial movement that we thought we should pass on to our readers.  According to one of the articles, Green – or Natural burials – is said to consume 4% of the death care market place.  I’m not so sure that I have seen that high of a number, but I also have no proof to rebut it. […]


Census looking for U.S. Veteran workers

I receive a periodic e-mail update from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and in today’s update noticed an article about the United States Census looking to hire military veterans to work during the 2020 census.  I am passing this on simply because I know funeral directors in communities know their veteran populations.  Maybe our profession can help a few veterans who may need some work find it through this program. I have received this update over the years simply […]


Park Lawn CEO Andrew Clark announces departure

Members of the death care media were informed yesterday via press release that the CEO and Chairman of Toronto based Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), Andrew Clark, would be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of the company.  You can read the press release here. The release quoted Clark as saying, “It has been a tremendous privilege to lead PLC and build a strong and highly capable management team over the last eight years.  I am grateful to have led a […]


Does a “One Hour Prior” visitation serve its purpose?

I attended a memorial service yesterday.  The format of the service has become pretty standard in our community.  The service was for a lady/wife/mother of which I know the husband to some extent.  I consider him a really nice guy and attended the service because I wanted to let him know that I care and not so much because I knew the deceased – because I did not to any great extent. When I heard of the death I noticed […]


Where does “End of Life” occupation fit?

I was looking for material for an idea for a daily blog post the other day and noticed a headline from a publication called The Vermont Cynic.  The headline read “Comedians talk death and perform live”.  Interesting and witty with their headline I dug into reading the article which you can read here. As I read the article it mentioned “Death Talks” that are held monthly and open to the public at the Lamp Club Light Shop — I’m guessing […]


Propel Funeral Partners growing market share

This article from Yahoo Finance indicates that Australian and New Zealand public funeral operating company Propel Funeral Partners is growing market share.  According to the article it is growing both from acquisitions and an annual death rate increase in both countries. Here is an excerpt from that article: “In Propel’s FY19 investor presentation, the company drew attention to notable industry figures. With death volumes in Australia expected to increase by a rate of 2.4% p.a. until 2026 and 2.1% thereafter […]