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DCI rebounds. . . .Total return almost 7%

By Funeral Director Daily / January 4, 2021 /

I was very fortunate as a youngster because I was schooled on investments and the market by my father.  Giving me, what is now termed “financial literacy”, is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  As a matter of fact, as a board member of a Big Ten institution, I have pushed our…

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Funeral “services” buck the trend in 2020

By Funeral Director Daily / December 31, 2020 /

I read this article from Yahoo Finance today entitled “The Economic Chart of the Year“.  It is an interesting short read and you will learn something from reading it.  Like I always try to do. . . I tried to reflect on how my actions have contributed to the articles conclusion and also tried to…

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” . . It’s counter intuitive to my livelihood”

By Funeral Director Daily / December 30, 2020 /

Louisiana funeral director George Charlet has summed up the cautions surrounding this year of COVID-19 deaths when he was faced with the idea of his mother going to a funeral.   He commented on that idea by saying, “I just kind of wish people used more caution and took advantage of writing a condolence letter.   It’s…

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United States passes 3 million deaths in 2020. . . first time ever

By Funeral Director Daily / December 28, 2020 /

The Associated Press recently reported in this article that the United States will, for the first time ever, pass the 3 million mark in actual deaths recorded in a single calendar year.  And, in what is not a surprise to anybody in the country in this COVID-19 year, the number of deaths will be an…

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Tukios acquires

By Funeral Director Daily / December 21, 2020 /

Later in this article you can read a press release issued last week that announced the acquisition of by Tukios.  Tukios is a major player in the video memorial creation software used, by Tukios count, over 5000 funeral homes. In our opinion, at Funeral Director Daily, companies with reach like Tukios, are smart to…

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Funeral photos back in vogue. . can you cash in on the trend

By Funeral Director Daily / December 21, 2020 /

My father died 43 years ago.  I was a teenager.  He was 58 years old and a prominent business man in his small community.  I have no photos of the large event that was his visitation and funeral.  I’ve got a newspaper article and two images inside my head. . . one image is that…

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Is your funeral home Zooming in or zooming out of consumer preference

By Funeral Director Daily / December 17, 2020 /

Probably more so than I can ever remember, funeral directors, funeral homes, and the North American funeral is being written about in 2020.  And, in general, the topics seem to be all related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It seems to me that the topics are funeral homes being extremely busy, families dealing with death without…

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Financial strategies with capital investments

By Funeral Director Daily / December 16, 2020 /

A couple of weeks ago Funeral Director Daily did a couple of articles dealing with working on an operating budget for funeral homes.  We looked at both the income and the expense sides and told you of how we budgeted over the years for profit. . . .even if our call numbers came in lower…

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News you can use: PPE procurement, CEU’s, the BRAVE act. . . and more

By Funeral Director Daily / December 14, 2020 /

In today’s Afternoon Edition of Funeral Director Daily you will find that most of our linked stories deal with funeral homes and their handling of the COVID-19 situation.  We are also taking today to catch up with some items that you should be aware of in terms of PPE procurement, a webinar brought to us…

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Renew your commitment

By Funeral Director Daily / December 11, 2020 /

Funeral directors are interesting creatures.  We live to serve. . . . that doesn’t happen in every profession. I told my wife the other day as we live in this pandemic world every body seems to have all the answers.  Politicians are acting as scientists, scientists are acting like politicians, parents know more than the…

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