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A trend in the coroner business

You have seen me write many times that I look for trends in the business world and then try to stay ahead of those to be in on the upswing with what is happening and have the ability to capture new business before many competitors have even seen the trend emerging.  It’s that way not only in the death care business, but in other businesses as well. In rural communities I am starting to see a trend in how coroners […]


Death Care investments have been good in 2019

Funeral Director Daily tracks its proprietary Death Care Index or DCI periodically.  The DCI is a group of eight publicly traded company stocks that each have some skin in the death care industry or profession.  They range from companies involved in death care services to companies who manufacture things like crematories, to companies involved in the sale of preneed funeral insurance. The eight companies that compose the DCI include Service Corporation International (SCI), Carriage Services, Park Lawn Corporation, Hillenbrand Industries, […]


Life stories. . . . .that’s one way we can transform

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column for Funeral Director Daily entitled, “How will we transform”?  The article was based on the fact that Hillenbrand Industries, parent company of Batesville Casket Company, knows that its casket business will not be its bread and butter forever, and is transforming itself over time to a company where Batesville is less and less the centerpiece of that company. A comparison was somewhat made that Hillenbrand is “taking charge” of this business […]


Matthews Aurora spins off Canadian facility

In this press release issued by Victoriaville & Co. of Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada, last week you can read about their acquisition of  Alliance St-Laurent Casket, previously a subsidiary of Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions. According to a quote from Steve Gackenbach, Group President of Matthews Memorialization, “This divestiture represents a manufacturing consolidation as part of our integration of the Aurora Casket Company.  We continue to invest to deliver world class manufacturing capabilities and superior product quality at our core manufacturing […]


With space issues looming, Army proposes new rules for eligibility at Arlington

According to this article from the Washington Post, new rules are being proposed on who can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery because of space issues.  In the article, Karen Durham-Aguilera, the cemetery’s executive director states, “Our reality is that we are running out of space.  Without any changes in eligibility we will be full for first burials by the year 2041.  To be able to keep Arlington National Cemetery open and active well into the future. . .we’re going […]


Keeping your funeral home from “Secular Decline”

As we move into the Fall season in Minnesota the weather turns a little cooler and I’m forced to do my daily running and exercise routine inside on the treadmill instead of outside on the streets.  One of the advantages of this, however, is that I can tune in the television and learn something while I am running. The other morning I was forced inside and flipped on CNBC to learn of what was happening in the business world that […]

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Tattoo removal and preservation. . . another revenue source for your funeral home?

I heard about this process almost a year ago but did not really know enough to write on the subject until I came across this article from The Telegraph, a publication of Hearst Media. The process that I refer to is that of tattoo removal from a deceased body.  As it turns out there are those who have tattoos who would like to have them preserved after their time of death.  And, it is not only the bearer of the […]


It’s Friday, the end of the summer, and we won’t bore you with our opinions

It’s Friday, the end of the summer is approaching, Labor Day and pro football are just around the corner.  So, instead of boring you with editorial opinions on our part, we are just going to throw out three interesting articles for you to read and digest on your own.  Enjoy the read and enjoy the holiday weekend!! This article is about a new crematory being build in a community in the state of Washington.  The article delves into the process […]


Marketing: Top of Mind Awareness

Over the years I learned a lot about marketing.  When sales reps for different advertising mediums came into our business to either sell or re-new our programs I always looked at them as extensions of our business and not sales people.  I figured that if I could learn from them I could use that knowledge to get a better “bang for my buck” on the advertising front. One of my conversations that I remember very well is a conversation with […]


DOJ files another brief in funeral home transgender case

We learned yesterday that the Trump administration Department of Justice has filed another brief in support of the funeral home that will have its case on transgender discrimination heard by the Supreme Court this fall.  The case, which we highlighted in a Funeral Director Daily article that you can read here earlier this year, is scheduled to be heard by the country’s highest court beginning on October 8. As you may know, the basic facts of the case are that […]