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Cemeteries and their problems

Over the last couple of years of writing the daily article for Funeral Director Daily one of my routines is to continuously search for information that might be of interest to those in the funeral, memorial, or what is now being called the “Death Care” space.  In doing so, I have came across many articles, and written about some of them, which deal with problems of cemeteries moving forward. In general, those problems stem from one of two areas.  Number […]

Finance Preneed

Security National Financial acquires Kilpatrick Life Insurance

In a press release dated today out of Murray, Utah, we learned that the Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) has closed on its purchase of the Kilpatrick Life Insurance Company domiciled in Louisiana.  Both companies operate to some degree in the pre-need funeral funding insurance market. You can read the press release as provided from Globe Newswire here. Scott M Quist, President of Security National is quoted in the press release, “We view this acquisition as strategic with regards to […]


Visiting non-compete agreements

It’s been a few years since I’ve actively managed our funeral home, but this recent article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune brought me back to one of the issues that I dealt with in the hiring of employees.  That was the issue of non-compete agreements or covenants not to compete. Non-competes have historically been used in business as the article says, “to protect the trade secrets and innovations of companies.  For agreeing not to compete with them, an employer would […]

Business Preneed

Social help in funeral costs

Virtually all funeral homes in the United States are profit driven.  I’m aware of one funeral home in Minnesota — in New Ulm — which is a cooperative community based funeral home.  You can see their web-site here. However, I’m guessing that over 99% of funeral homes in North America are profit driven enterprises.   Today, however, we are starting to see socially conscious not-for-profit death care establishments turn up in Australia and Scotland that may someday put a dent in […]

Cemetery Cremation

Cape Town appeals for cremations

On Monday we brought you an article featuring the Church of Greece telling its parishioners that they would be denied a church service if they choose cremation over the long traditional custom of earth burial.  Today, we bring you this article which deals with the topic of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, appealing for its residents to choose cremation over the traditional earth burial custom. As you might expect, the Cape Town appeal comes from a virtual lack […]


Indiana funeral home increases community involvement

According to this article in the Kokomo (Indiana) Perspective, the Ellers Mortuary and Cremation Center was acquired by Service Corporation International in 2016.  Some feared that the acquisition would cause the Kokomo business, that had been in business since 1924, to lose its personal touch. However, according to General Manager Jaime Handy, “the acquisition has actually strengthened the company’s ties to the community”.  The funeral home has actually expanded the services it can offer to the community. Ellers Mortuary and […]


Funeral Director Daily readership keeps rising

Funeral Director Daily continues its rise as what is probably the fastest growing readership medium in the death care profession.  For the past six months, since April 2019, readership has grown 64% — or an average of 10.67% per month.  And, we believe that when statistics are in for November, Funeral Director Daily will be showing an even more rapid increase in readership. As a matter of fact, readership has grown an incredible 6 times what it was only two […]

Business Products

A new, hipper, choice in funerals

Last week I learned about, what I might classify as extraordinary and possibly trend setting – if one can say that about funeral establishments – new funeral home that opened recently in London.  The business named “Exit Here” was conceived by British restauranteer Oliver Peyton and his business partner, Barry Pritchard, a third generation funeral director and a board member of the UK’s National Association of Funeral Directors. You can read an article from Citylab on the business here. Exit […]

Business Regulations

New facilities around the country

As we go into the weekend we just thought we would update our readers with some new construction going on in the death care business.  The following articles pertain to individual or family owned businesses either being started or being expanded. As we have seen many times with the ideas of proposed crematories — there seems to be a mix of having that crematory welcomed to the community or being looked at by people in the community as “not in […]


Recompose moving forward

Recompose, the private company that has been established to become the first company to use “human composting” as a method of final disposition is continuing to move ahead with their plans.  There is a very good article that we found in the Seattle Times, that you can read here, that makes note of the fact that the company has found a location for its first commercial site. The article, which we found very informative, lists the steps that Recompose founder […]