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Encouragement. . . You can all do it

I left the world of full time everyday work about 5 years ago.  With that and my two boys growing up and somewhat out of the house as a college grad in the working world and the last one in college, I have found more time during the day to do things that I really wanted to do and couldn’t when I was operating a funeral home and having the roles of husband and father at home. One of the […]


Newspaper alleges Chicago Archdiocese uses cemetery funds to pay abuse costs

An article was published last weekend by the Chicago Sun-Times that questioned if money from the Archdiocese of Chicago cemetery operations was being diverted to pay down debt incurred because of priest misconduct cases.  You can read the article here. The Catholic Church in Chicago has for years said, according to the article,  that the money to pay these costs came from two sources:  loans and the sale of property.  However, the Sun-Times says that credible sources estimate that about […]


Contrarian investor John Snyder opines on StoneMor Partners

Value investor and self-described contrarian investor John Snyder wrote an article for Seeking Alpha that you can read here entitled, “Why I’m buying StoneMor”.  We will leave the facts at that and I will give my opinion on the piece below. Funeral Director Daily take:  This is an article that will cause all experienced funeral directors to take a look at what numbers and ratios matter in their business.  Snyder comes to his conclusion by comparing public companies StoneMor Partners […]


Funeral up for Auction

“We’re going to auction off a funeral that has been donated”, said Dick Crooks, Superintendent of Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan, Indiana. Crooks calls his auction night, “Indian’s Most Unusual Auction”. That’s right — in an article and television news story that you can see here out of Indiana, the Center Ridge Cemetery will be holding an auction on April 14 as a fund raiser for the cemetery. According to Crooks, the 150 year old cemetery has need for funds […]


America’s next migration movement and its effect on funeral service

I’m a history buff and I love to look back and learn what has happened in our country.  I’ve found that many times a “precipitator” happens and that event or group of events causes history to happen.  I was running on my treadmill the other morning watching CNBC for business news and Fox News for other news and in switching back and forth between channels I realized that in different ways they were talking about the same thing. What they […]


Park Lawn reports ’18 Year End Results

Toronto based funeral industry company Park Lawn Corporation released a press release that you can read here about its 2018 year end performance earlier this week.  As you may know Park Lawn Corporation has grown greatly this year by acquisitions including The Signature Group, CMS Mid-Atlantic, and Citadel Management in the United States as well as incremental unit growth in Canada. We have not seen financial results nor have we had a chance to read the investor transcript so for […]


Thursday morning news items

We saw a couple news items that were fairly unique as to their content and thought that we would bring our readers both of them today with very little commentary on our part. The first item that we found concerned a funeral home in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the public service is warning against crematoriums offering them services because they are assumed to be an unlicensed funeral home.  Service Nova Scotia, according to the article, “has issued a letter to […]


Funeral Services and Public Companies – Part 1 – SCI

Every so often someone asks me what I think of the funeral/cremation/cemetery companies that are in the public ownership realm.  So, today I will start giving you my opinions of what I think each is trying to, or should try to accomplish.  Each in this series of write ups will be my day to be the CEO of that company and give my direction. Please understand that I am not a stock broker or stock picker.  I am a funeral […]


Expanding your business

The common held belief in the funeral and cremation services business is that people will always need death care professionals to execute the lawful disposition of the deceased.  However, another trend that has been taking place over the past ten years is that a larger percentage of the client families that you serve will be opting out of any organized funeral or memorial service conducted or staged by the disposition funeral home. Many families are just choosing not to have […]