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Payne, Brink comment on Carriage Services going forward

On February 22 Carriage Services executives including CEO Mel Payne and Chief Financial Officer Ben Brink held a call with investment advisors relating to the Full Year 2018 results of Carriage Services.  You can read a full transcript of that call here. A few days ago we reported on the earnings report in this column so we will not go over that again.  Instead, we will just pick up a couple of items that investment people asked about Carriage Services […]


Community Heroes all around funeral service

While I was researching for articles for today’s post it just hit me as I looked at the articles and I realized that just about everyday some funeral director is written up in their local newspaper because what they have meant to their community.  Most of us are happy to be in the background just helping families through their grief and doing what we are supposed to do. However, in a world where blowing your own horn is seemingly done […]


Service Corporation reports 4th Qtr and Year End

America’s largest owner of funeral homes reported their 2018 4th quarter and 2018 Year End results on Monday, February 18.  You can read a copy of the press release from Service Corporation International here. For the year, Service Corporation reported revenue of $3.190 billion as compared to 2017’s $3.095 billion — an increase in revenue of about 3%. Tom Ryan, the company’s Chairman and CEO stated in the release, “We delivered a solid quarter as we closed out 2018 and […]


A First for Memphis

After Life Mortuary Services opened last October and according to this article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal it is believed to be the first Memphis mortuary service to be owned and operated by black women.  According to co-owner Dana Taylor, “It’s probably because it’s been a male-dominant field, and it’s been that way for years.  I think that is what probably deterred a lot of women from pursuing this as a career or opening a business.” Turns out the Taylor […]


What do you see on the Horizon?

The other day a funeral service professional asked me, “What do you see on the horizon for funeral service?”  Since I have not put out any predictions for over a year I thought I would just give an answer on what comes to mind first for me.  Instead of a long, thought out answer sometimes it is just a good exercise to say what comes to your mind first. So, here I go.  And one of the things that sticks […]


StoneMor receives financing, completes asset review

Yesterday StoneMor Partners issued a press release which you can read here.  In it they “announced a number of key financial and operational updates representing further steps forward in its ongoing turnaround effort.  These steps include a waiver and amedment of certain loan covenants, growth financing from its largest investor and the completion of an extensive review of its asset base.” Financing – in the release StoneMor announced that its largest investor, Axar Capital, has agreed to a credit facilty […]


Finding the Right Managment

I came into the funeral business somewhat reluctantly at age 19 when my father suddenly passed away and mom needed someone who would be interested in carrying on the family business.  I’ve said many times, the Lord knew what he was doing, because as I reluctantly got involved I learned I was pretty good at being a good funeral director/businessman in a small town.  I ended up loving what I did and was able to not only help people in […]


Making this Cemetery Great Again

Even though this is a real news story with real valid reasoning for two people doing what they are doing, I had to chuckle just a tad when the on scene reporter started his report by saying, “These two guys are making this cemetery great again”. Regardless of your political persuasion, if you have not heard that same type of saying, sometimes emblazoned on a red hat, in the last couple of years, you have been living under a rock.  […]


Death Care. . . Regulations and Some Rules

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed a couple articles on rules and regulations in the Death Care industry.  These are not generally municipal or national rules but some rules that are now in effect in different places for different reasons.  I guess all that I have cited here make some sense to those that have established them.  Others may disagree on the rules. Balloon Ban in Canberra, Australia — This rule that you can read about here is […]


Carriage Services Profit drops. . . management to fight back

Death care consolidator Carriage Services issued preliminary 2018 results on Wednesday.  You can read a press release from the company here. In those results the company announced that they had grown revenue year over year from $258.1 million in 2017 to an an unaudited estimate of $268.0 million in 2018.  That would be an increase of about 3.8%.  However, they also announced that they expect their 2018 profit to fall to about $11.9 million which is down from $37.2 million […]