Funeral Director Daily talks about “Watching your costs to hold on to Profits”

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Funeral Director Daily CEO and Editor Tom Anderson appears on FD Talks – Funeral Director Life’s recurring discussion of topics of interest to those in the Death Care profession.  In Episode #11 of FD Talks you can see and hear Host Rob Davison and Tom Anderson break down inflation in the funeral profession, provide solutions around raising prices vs. watching costs, and trusting your intuition.

See and hear the video podcast here.

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More information of valuable use for the Death Care profession:

From the Cremation Association of North America you can register for the webinar “Beyond the Green:  What is Fair Trade and Why Should you care?”

According to the registration flyer “Fair trade is about more than just the environmental impact of making and selling products. It is a global movement focused on putting people and planet first. . . . . . how can it set you apart from your competition?”

This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30.

And, here are a couple of great articles from our friends at Clifton Larson Allen:

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