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Financial authors Duguid and DiNapoli on StoneMor Partners

A couple of weeks ago (byline May 17)  financial writers Kate Duguid and Jessica DiNapoli wrote a piece that was picked up by Reuters that you can read here.  The article concerns the financial wherewithal of United States funeral home and cemetery operator StoneMor Partners LP. From our point of view, it is a very good article and gives a clear and concise picture of what CEO Joe Redling is up against as his team tries to turn StoneMor into […]


Past Lives Matter

“Past Lives Matter” is but one of dozens of signs that were placed in the Rest Haven Cemetery in Avon, Ohio, this past weekend.  You can read about and see a news video here of the issues with that cemetery that have family members of people buried there upset. The cause that is upsetting relatives is the fact that the cemetery continues to flood putting headstones underwater and causing other problems at the StoneMor Partners owned property.  Disgruntled family members […]

Business Regulations

Funeral Poverty. . . .are you aware of it?

During my time as a funeral home owner I had to visit with the county Social Services director, with other funeral home owners, to discuss the procedure and re-imbursements for what we termed “county burials” about every other year.  The discussion was always the same. . . .the county had a limited amount of money to pay for indigent funerals and they were interested in how we could agree on a re-imbursement plan. Up until the final couple of years […]


Foundation Partners divests location

It was announced on Friday in this article that the Shaw & Sons Funeral Home of Yakima Valley, Washington, was under the ownership of Jamin and Kara Mohler.  According to Jamin Mohler who stated, “Shaw & Sons has once again become a family-owned, local, neighbor-serving-neighbor funeral home”. The funeral home was started in 1899, and is celebrating its 120th year of business in the Yakima Valley this year.  The article states that in the late 1980’s the funeral home came […]


United Kingdom to regulate funeral plans

In the United Kingdom, sales of pre-need funeral plans has soared nearly 200% in the last dozen years.  Driven by the increasing competition between the largest players in that country’s death care industry, Dignity Plc, and Co-op Funeralcare, the government has determined that it must “crack-down” on high-pressure and misleading tactics in the sale of funeral plans. In this article from Reuters you can read of the government’s plan to regulate the pre-paid sector for the first time to ensure […]


Snakes on a plane. . . .and in a cemetery

We bring you this article and video about the Charles Baber Cemetery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  We bring it to you simply because it is so unusual. The article is about an 8-foot, non-venomous black snake that has apparently taken up residence in the cemetery.  It appears to live in some of the walls of the cemetery where workers have had it by the tail but not been able to pull it out to eradicate if from the cemetery.  One of […]


Security National Memorial segment increases revenue by 15%

Security National Financial Corporation, the Utah based financial and death care company showed a total company decrease in revenue for the 2019 1st Quarter as compared to the same quarter in 2018.  You can see their 1st Quarter report here which was made public on May 16. However, even as the company experienced a decrease in total revenue and income they did show solid year over year gains, both in revenue and earnings, in their Memorial segment, which consists of […]


What business are you in??

The standard “What business are you in” history lesson is still taught at the nation’s top business schools.  That lesson goes way back to when I was in college and contemplates the question of how you define your business may actually make or break the business as the business goes forward in times of technological advances and/or consumer preferences. The classic story is that of the railroad industry.  From the late 1800’s to the mid-20th century, about the 1950’s, the […]


Transparency . . . or lack thereof in death care pricing

2019 is supposed to be the year that the Federal Trade Commission reviews the Funeral Rule.  I don’t know if that will happen, but critics of the death care industry are asking for the reviewal and with it, price transparency required as a web or app based service. This article that I read from the New York Post explains some of the issues surrounding funeral business pricing practices.  In it, Josh Slocum, a well known advocate for funeral home price […]


The Battle for Talent

Maybe we really are aging a little.  It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about the Millennials — that group of beings born between 1981 and 1996 – coming into the workforce and how we were prepared to deal with their age based culture.  That group is now aged between the mid 20’s and the late 30’s and now make up the largest portion of the United States labor force. However, according to this article from the Minneapolis […]