Preneed: Do you know your competitors?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 18, 2019 /

I’ve been involved in the funeral business long enough to see the State of Minnesota move, in what I consider a more consumer friendly way, in respect to the business of preneed.  I can go back to the 1980’s when we were only allowed to put a consumer’s designated funeral funds into a bank guaranteed…

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From the Veterans Day file

By Funeral Director Daily / November 12, 2019 /

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day across the United States and we noticed a couple of funeral related items that we thought we would pass on to our readers. First of all, we noticed how Service Corporation International’ s Dignity Memorial location in Western Michigan received some really good attention on a television talk show about pre-planning…

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Assurant reports 3rd Quarter 2019

By Funeral Director Daily / November 8, 2019 /

Assurant is a leading global provider of housing and lifestyle solutions that support, protect and connect major consumer purchases.  In relation to the death care industry they are a provider of pre-need or what they call “pre-funded funeral insurance”.  Assurant is a Fortune 500 company with a presence in 21 countries. They recently reported their…

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Funeral homes and the law

By Funeral Director Daily / October 21, 2019 /

Every once in a while we hear stories of funeral homes being investigated for acts that would be contrary to the laws of their respective states.  This weekend we happened to notice two such articles in newspapers that dealt with funeral homes potentially running afoul of the preneed laws of their state. The first article…

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United Kingdom insurer, DeadHappy, plans move to death care ideas

By Funeral Director Daily / September 30, 2019 /

DeadHappy, the United Kingdoms technical insurance startup that recently received about US $ 5 million in Series A funding, announced in this  article from Techcrunch, that they hope to get more involved in the wishes of their insured, including making sure that your funeral is the way you want it. The company was founded in…

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Does more money = more services??

By Funeral Director Daily / September 18, 2019 /

It’s a habit that I just can’t seem to let go of.  I’m just business oriented and when I read something I have this habit of taking the information and transforming it into how it may or may not affect the business that I am in.  As some of you know, I’m an early investor…

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Crowdfunding continues to grow for funeral expenses

By Funeral Director Daily / September 10, 2019 /

I came across this article the other day about the rise of crowdfunding to pay for funerals.  Now, this is not the first time we have written about this subject, but this article is interesting because it points out some statistics and trends behind this phenomena.   The article is a public relations article about the…

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Moving potential clients up the ladder

By Funeral Director Daily / August 22, 2019 /

We’ve all been targets of other businesses.  Have you ever received a printed piece of mail for something?  As you surf the internet are certain ads continuing to come up on the pages you go to?  If that has happened to you. . then you have been targeted. I first really noticed the targeting concept…

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Your firm and your pre-need partner

By Funeral Director Daily / August 16, 2019 /

I happened to drive by the Douglas County Fairgrounds earlier this week and notice that the fair was already upon us.  That signaled to me that the end of summer was not too far off and gave me an idea for writing a post about the fall season being a great time to capitalize on…

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How does your firm view pre-need?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 14, 2019 /

I wrote a story yesterday on the timing of advertising telling consumers about the benefits of pre-planning one’s own funeral or cremation services.  When I did that article I did not envision a follow-up or series of pre-need articles, but a day later here is another angle I have thought about often concerning pre-need and…

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