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InvoCare accused of billing irregularities

  Australia’s largest purveyor of death care services, InvoCare, has been accused by some of irregularities in the way that it handles its invoicing.  According to this article from Choice.com,  InvoCare routinely includes a $320, plus taxes, “administration fee” on invoices. Again, according to the Choice.com article, the administration fee functions somewhat as a “late fee”.  For instance, if you pay the invoice in full within 21 days you can then deduct the administration fee.  However, when you pay the […]

Business Regulations

New facilities around the country

As we go into the weekend we just thought we would update our readers with some new construction going on in the death care business.  The following articles pertain to individual or family owned businesses either being started or being expanded. As we have seen many times with the ideas of proposed crematories — there seems to be a mix of having that crematory welcomed to the community or being looked at by people in the community as “not in […]


Alabama cemetery board member charged with theft

This news video and article from WAFF-TV brings to light the charges against a member of the Legg Cemetery in Limestone County, Alabama.  According to the article, the board member has been charged with first-degree theft after investigators reportedly found $60,000 of the cemetery’s money in her possession. It also appears that after a county investigation, the same cemetery lots may have been sold more than once resulting in numerous parties believing they are the owners of certain lots.  Investigators […]


Recompose moving forward

Recompose, the private company that has been established to become the first company to use “human composting” as a method of final disposition is continuing to move ahead with their plans.  There is a very good article that we found in the Seattle Times, that you can read here, that makes note of the fact that the company has found a location for its first commercial site. The article, which we found very informative, lists the steps that Recompose founder […]


American Entrepreneurship. . . funeral homes are a big part of it

Monday morning I received a call from a lady I know who works tirelessly with the community’s Junior Achievement organization.  She mentioned that they were looking for some new board members and she wondered if I would be interested in serving. My first thought was, “I don’t need more board positions”.  I’ve served on a lot in my small community over the years and now serve as the Chairman of a non-profit Home Care and Hospice Company, serve on the […]


Acquisitions keep on rolling around the world

There are a lot of reasons that businesses, including funeral homes, change operational and ownership hands.  Sometimes a single proprietor gets a price that he just can’t turn down.  Sometimes a single proprietor just wants to retire and either has no family to go into the business or family that wants to pursue other goals and ambitions. Sometimes the transaction is spurred by the acquiring company that wants to get larger and has ideas where, through operational efficiencies and promotion,  […]


Whose casket is it?

The other day we came across this unusual article in the Voldosta Today News.  The story revolves around the private mausoleum of the E.D. Rivers, Jr. family. E.D. (Eurith Dickinson) Rivers, Jr. was the 68th Governor of Georgia and served from 1937 to 1941.  According to the above referenced article, he and his wife Mattie Lucile Lashley Rivers were entombed above ground in a private family mausoleum within the City Cemetery in Lakeland, Georgia. Again, according to the article, members […]


StoneMor Partners reports 3rd Quarter

StoneMor Partners L.P. reported their 3rd Quarter and 9-month 2019 numbers last week and with it showed significant progress in their attempt at a transformational turnaround of the company.  In brief, StoneMor reported that revenues are stabilizing, that they are cutting recurring expenses, and that they have made progress on a divestiture process that will, more than likely, make their company smaller and more focused. You can see a copy of the report here. From the operations side of the […]


Foundation Partners adds another acquisition

Acquisitions continue to be announced in the death care business.  It seems that there are a lot of businesses where the ownership is ready to transition out of the profession and there is an ever growing number of neighbor, regional, and national providers of funeral and cremation care that are intent on getting larger. In our opinion, not all acquisitions are good or beneficial to the continuing business.  We believe that acquisitions can be positive to the bottom line when […]


Our thoughts on SCI’s earning report. . .leaders comment on SCI Direct, West Coast cemeteries, and the acquisition environment

Last week we provided a link to where you could go to read the 3rd Quarter report on Service Corporation International.  We will provide that link again here.  Here’s what SCI President and CEO, Tom Ryan, commented on in that report.  “. . .This solid funeral performance driven by an increase in funeral services performed couple with an anticipated decrease in general and administrative expenses was offset by lower cemetery segment profit associated with anticipated lower completed construction revenue.  Additionally, […]