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Cemetery Products

Better Place Forests. . . a new wave of memorialization

It seems like this medium is many times writing about the need for more permanent memorialization options to be available for our death care consumers.  It also seems like we spend a lot of time writing about new start-ups in the death care profession that are hoping to catch the new wave of consumer thinking.  Today, we are going to tell you about one new venture that we believe checks both of those boxes.  The venture is Better Place Forests.  […]


Ling opines: “Death stocks . .clinging to life”

Financial writer Benen Ling published on Seeking Alpha an article on the United States public funeral home and cemetery companies last week.  He titled his article, “These Death stocks are barely clinging to life”.  You can read the article here. Ling writes a good article and makes some great points about our profession and the public companies in America that operate funeral homes and cemeteries as their principal mode of business.  In particular he delves into what may be the […]


Ok. . .Goat yoga. . .that is something new to me

I understand that the cost of labor can rise and get prohibitively high.  It is for that reason that creative managers look for ways to lower their costs of doing business.  Funeral Director Daily did an article last year about the Laura Grove North Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, that was doing a pilot program for lawn maintenance using what was termed as “Goatscaping”.  This pilot program consisted of renting 53 goats that were allowed to roam the cemetery to maintain […]


StoneMor announces 1Q Results. . .Sales decline, losses widen

StoneMor Partners, the Pennsylvania operator of funeral homes and cemeteries announced First Quarter 2019 results last week.  The company, which is in what CEO Joe Redling says is an “operational reorganization” continues to see revenues lower and losses larger than the comparable quarter one year ago. For 1Q 2019 revenues amounted to $71.5 million as compared to $77.9 million in 2018.  The net loss of the company for 1Q 2019 was $22.5 million as compared to $17.9 million in 1Q […]

Business Cremation

Will Tulip Cremation make a difference

I mentioned earlier this week that I spent last week in Las Vegas with about 150 people in our profession.  Lots of items get bantered about at this event and one that was visited about quite frequently last week was the opening of Tulip Cremations. While I have only anecdotal knowledge of Tulip Cremation, I have checked them out on their website (www.tulipcremation.com) and tried to learn as much as I can about them.  Here is some of what I […]


Who drives the choices?

I spent three days last week in Las Vegas with about 150 other people from the death care profession.  The group is a wide mix of people, with all of us having the death care industry in common.  Some are small funeral home owner/operators like me, some are CEOs of the largest public death care companies, some are cemetery operators, some are suppliers, and some are well known consultants in the industry. I’ve attended this event almost every year since […]

Cemetery Regulations

Facebook group challenges StoneMor on cemetery operations

A television news report and story from WSET out of Lynchburg, West Virginia, can be seen here and tells of a Facebook group that has garnered more than 600 followers that says that there is a problem with the way StoneMor Partners operates their cemeteries. Melissa Cash, whose father is buried at the Fort Hill Burial Park in Virginia, says “the cemetery roads have potholes, the mausoleums are run down and the grass is not kept up”.  She learned of […]


Community Heroes all around funeral service

While I was researching for articles for today’s post it just hit me as I looked at the articles and I realized that just about everyday some funeral director is written up in their local newspaper because what they have meant to their community.  Most of us are happy to be in the background just helping families through their grief and doing what we are supposed to do. However, in a world where blowing your own horn is seemingly done […]


Singapore sites Four new funeral parlours

Funeral customs around the world are interesting to observe.  But, just as the customs are interesting to observe so are the challenges of those in funeral service for profit in the differing countries with differing values in funeral service.  I recently read an article in Channel News Asia that you can read here. Land is at a premium in Singapore and private enterprises have to get permission to use land for their project in competition as to what the competing […]


InvoCare moves forward despite headwinds Down Under

Australian funeral service market share leader, InvoCare, is moving forward with capital expenses aimed at becoming more appealing to Baby Boomers in spite of several headwinds on funeral service down under.  You can read an article from Australian Financial Review on the slowing of InvoCare’s business here. In the article InvoCare CEO, Martin Earp, mentions that by the end of 2018 the company will be through about 40% of its $200 million investment in its modernization program known as “Protect […]