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News from the world of Death Care 6.29.2020

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we bring you some of the best and worst of the funeral home and cemetery professions as well as an interesting article on the Burial Mounds of Tonga. N’West Iowa funeral homes noted for service.  nwestiowa.com (IA) Former Brownstown, Indiana, funeral home owner admits to stealing  more than $200,000 from clients.  Video and news article.  WDRB.com.  Louisville (KY) Family owned funeral service prides itself on relationships it has built.  Burnaby Now – […]


News funeral professionals can use from our profession

In today’s Funeral Director Daily “Afternoon Extra” we have information on a new product called “Reflect by OneDay” which is designed for the funeral industry.  The product collects digital memories from friends and family of a loved one’s life and and then bands them together into a crowdsourced video reflection of that person’s life. We also are bringing you some updates from the NFDA as well as some information from our friends at Clifton Larson Allen.  Finally, we have some […]


SCI CEO Tom Ryan: “We’re going to have some revenue pressures”

Over the years I’ve often thought that the business of funeral and cremation care as a business is overlooked by those that teach or write of things happening in the business world.  It is not everyday that Forbes magazine does an in-depth article on our profession. Last week, Forbes featured an article that you can read here entitled, “How the pandemic is killing the death business.”  The article features an in-depth interview with Service Corporation International’s CEO Tom Ryan.  It […]

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Children’s Funeral Fund of England going strong into first year

This press release tells of the acceptance and usage of the Children’s Funeral Fund of England (CFF) which came into force in that country on July 23, 2019.  So, the statistics documented in this report take into consideration a time period of about 8 months. The CFF was established to “provide bereaved parents with valuable practical support at a very difficult time.  The program aims to reduce the financial burden for families by reimbursing burial and cremation authorities, and funeral […]

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California Assembly gets human composting bill

In this article from the Los Angeles Times you can read about Assembly Bill 2592 (AB2592)  that was recently introduced by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.  AB2592 would, if passed and signed into law, allow for human composting in the state of California as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial or cremation. Human recomposition was passed into law in the state of Washington last year and will take effect on May 1.  It also has parties interested in its passage into law […]


Keeping up with Green cemeteries

While Funeral Director Daily has not written much on the subject lately, in today’s news feed we found two articles on the green burial movement that we thought we should pass on to our readers.  According to one of the articles, Green – or Natural burials – is said to consume 4% of the death care market place.  I’m not so sure that I have seen that high of a number, but I also have no proof to rebut it. […]

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Dollars and Sense — The great debate over online pricing

I noticed last week that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be seeking comment on whether to make changes to the Funeral Rule.  This is probably the least the FTC will do and there probably could be more to come.  In their notice, they mentioned areas of funeral services and pricing where they explicitly seek public comments.  The Funeral Rule as I talk in this article pertains to itemized price information and how it must be presented. One of those […]


This should never happen

Chalk this incident up to “This should never happen” but it did.  In this article from the Bucks County Courier Times of Pennsylvania we learn of the tale of Richard Geisinger who died in 2013.  The article tells the story of how Mr. Geisinger, who had pre-arrangements for a casketed burial, was instead cremated and left unclaimed in the county morgue for six years. How did this happen?  Even though he had paid for a casket, bronze plaque, mausoleum crypt, […]

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TGIF – It’s been quite a week!!

Let’s see. . . Super Bowl, State of the Union Speech, Impeachment Vote, my Minnesota Twins got involved in a blockbuster baseball trade, and my Minnesota Gophers beat arch-rival Wisconsin in basketball. . . it’s been quite a week to keep everything straight.  To end it for my Funeral Director Daily readers I will not bore you with a long business related article. . . but, will just provide you with some links on death care information that has been […]


The “Times”. . .they do change — Will you be ready??

I wrote on Monday about the change in the “place of death”.  In that article I pointed out that in the early 1900s people tended to die at home and much of the funeral experience was then held in the home.  While I never did it, I am old enough to have had funeral directors tell me their stories of going to homes with an “embalming board”, doing the embalming, dressing, and cosmetizing in the home in preparation for the […]