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Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: News you can use

Today’s Afternoon Edition features several articles that we found interesting over the MLK holiday weekend.  We’ll leave it to you to see which interest you and your choice of reading. However, there are some interesting articles.  For instance, one article states that some funeral homes in California are actually having to turn away death calls due to the number of COVID-19 deaths they have seen.  Another article that comes to us from Texas gives a perspective on how the Latino […]

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Funeral photos back in vogue. . can you cash in on the trend

My father died 43 years ago.  I was a teenager.  He was 58 years old and a prominent business man in his small community.  I have no photos of the large event that was his visitation and funeral.  I’ve got a newspaper article and two images inside my head. . . one image is that of our pastor in the pulpit overlooking a filled church sanctuary.  The other image I have is of looking out from the back seat of […]

Business Regulations

New Mexico funeral home fined for social distancing violation

I woke up this morning (Monday as I write this) to see the Dow Jones Industrial average futures up over 5% on the news that Pfizer has had tremendous success with its Covid-19 vaccination drug trials.  It’s a rainy day in Minnesota so I did my daily run on the treadmill watching Jim Cramer on CNBC talk about this event. Cramer commented that even with Pfizer’s announcement of its trial success so far, all we have over yesterday is increased […]

Business Products

Catching up with the casket business

We are in the period of public companies reporting their 3rd Quarter results to the world and it is only a couple of weeks before Hillenbrand, parent company of Batesville Casket Company, and Matthews International, parent company of Aurora Casket Company will give us those results. As most of you know, those businesses have generally continued to remain profitable even in the face of downward unit sales over the past several years as cremation has cut into the number of […]


Weekend Edition: Mushroom coffin, venture funded start-ups, Co-op Funeral reports

As we head into what we hope is a terrific Fall weekend Funeral Director Daily brings you three features as well as other articles on the world of death care. Our features include an article, that you can read here, about the Netherlands and the first person put in a “Mushroom Coffin” last week that is designed to turn the body into compost.  The “Living Cocoon, as inventor Bob Henrikx calls it, is designed as the first living coffin and, […]


Take the time to make a difference

As I search for articles that might be of interest to readers of Funeral Director Daily I see lots of headlines.  Headlines are the first indicator of what draws me into an article that might be of interest and then, if that has piqued my interest, I will get into the meat of the article to see if there is reader interest present. Some of these articles are actually obituaries of funeral colleagues that I feel may have enough interest […]

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Afternoon round-up

Our feature today in our afternoon edition comes to us from the SentinelSource.com.  That is the online edition of the Keene (NH) Sentinel and today’s article features Keene Funeral Director Susan Simonds. Ms. Simonds is the operating manager of two funeral homes in Keene, both of which happen to be affiliated with the Dignity Memorial Network of Service Corporation International. The article, that you can read here, is a very good testament to someone who came to funeral service as […]


Chicago area funeral director self-filming reality series

Jacob C. Vandenberg is the Mayor of Tinley Park, Illinois.  He is also an owner and President of Vandenberg Funeral Homes which operate in Tinley Park and Mokena.  You can see the funeral home web-site here. Jacob is a 4th generation funeral director and with his brother, Josh, now operates the family businesses.  As if he isn’t busy enough with his work and Mayoral duties, he has taken on the duties of producing his own reality series about the death […]


News from the world of Death Care 6.29.2020

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we bring you some of the best and worst of the funeral home and cemetery professions as well as an interesting article on the Burial Mounds of Tonga. N’West Iowa funeral homes noted for service.  nwestiowa.com (IA) Former Brownstown, Indiana, funeral home owner admits to stealing  more than $200,000 from clients.  Video and news article.  WDRB.com.  Louisville (KY) Family owned funeral service prides itself on relationships it has built.  Burnaby Now – […]


News funeral professionals can use from our profession

In today’s Funeral Director Daily “Afternoon Extra” we have information on a new product called “Reflect by OneDay” which is designed for the funeral industry.  The product collects digital memories from friends and family of a loved one’s life and and then bands them together into a crowdsourced video reflection of that person’s life. We also are bringing you some updates from the NFDA as well as some information from our friends at Clifton Larson Allen.  Finally, we have some […]