Ovum Fungi — a new disposition method??

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2022 /

Every once in a while during my searches for Funeral Director Daily topics I’ll come across something I wasn’t aware of in the death care industry.  Today I bring you information on what is called the “Ovum Fungi”.  This is a product that this press release and the company website refers to as “an eco-friendly…

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Wreaths Across America . . . Remember-Honor-Teach

By Funeral Director Daily / December 7, 2022 /

If you are part of the Death Care business in North America part of your goal is to move families from grief to remembrance of their loved one.  And, if we are honest about it, we should never want anybody to ever be forgotten.  That’s why so many are so strong in recommending a place…

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You can’t take it with you, but. . . .

By Funeral Director Daily / November 16, 2022 /

You have all heard it said many times, especially because we are in the funeral business, “You can’t take it with you“.  That refers to taking your bank accounts to the great beyond and spending money there. But, according to an article in Forbes Magazine, you can earn a lot of money posthumously.  As a…

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SCI sees “more mortality” than expected. . .What’s behind it?. . .I don’t think this will surprise you

By Funeral Director Daily / November 9, 2022 /

Because I report on them, and partly because I just like learning what is happening, I generally read the “Earnings Call Transcripts” that take place every quarter between the public company death care executives and the financial brokers that cover their companies.  If you’ve never read these they end up being a “give and take”…

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Cremation rate at 57%. . . and it’s not coming down anytime soon

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2022 /

I recently read this article from author Harold Ivan Smith from Baptist News.  Smith offers a unique perspective as he attended mortuary school, is a grief educator, and works as a celebrant for Forest Lawn Mortuaries in Palm Springs, California. Smith indicates in his article that cremation was probably about 1% of United States dispositions…

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Here’s a benefit that you didn’t see coming

By Funeral Director Daily / May 25, 2022 /

I operated a funeral home business for over 33 years.  When I started in 1980 the only benefits offered were health insurance and paid vacation.  Over the next 33 years we changed with the times and I came to approve benefits that included not only health care and paid vacation, but also a 401k -like…

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The Mondale urn

By Funeral Director Daily / May 11, 2022 /

Editor’s Note:  A technical glitch stopped publication this morning.  But, here you go with today’s article a few hours late.  Sorry. As I write articles in this forum I sometimes have to remind myself that many of my readers are 30 to 40 years younger than I am.  That fact, and the experience of playing…

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Catholic Cemeteries of NE Kansas partner with funeral homes to offer valuable services

By Funeral Director Daily / March 11, 2022 /

Less than a month ago Funeral Director Daily published this article that questioned if the days of funeral homes and cemeteries helping each other are over.  That article questioned the competitive nature of each entity that now sold products historically affiliated with the other entity as a way of “full service shopping” for death care…

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Considerations for a crematory

By Funeral Director Daily / December 16, 2021 /

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) showed statistics that cremation dispositions in the United States accounted for about 56% of all human dispositions in 2020.  I’m guessing that percentage will grow slightly for 2021 as it has every year for the past 40 or so years. CANA’s futuristic looking statistics, which have been pretty…

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The Seasonality of Death

By Funeral Director Daily / November 26, 2021 /

I came across this article titled, “It’s funeral homes’ busy season, here’s what to be careful for”.  Seeing that title I didn’t really know what to expect so I looked into the article.  It’s a short article with some good thoughts — one of those thoughts was entitled, “The Myth of Holiday Suicides”. Now, over…

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