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Is there something to learn from other industries

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly influenced and impacted the death care industry over the past two years.  In general, there has been more deaths and less public services of such deaths.  One might argue, especially in larger markets, that the increased number of deaths has more than made up in revenue for the loss of revenue suffered because of the lack of services caused by social distancing rules.  At least that’s what appears to be […]

Afternoon Edition

Thank You for 2021!

I wanted to make sure that my last post of the year was a Thank You to the many readers and sponsors of Funeral Director Daily.  This venture started five years ago as a periodic article to relate my experiences as a funeral director and, hopefully, relate those experiences to mentor others in the profession.  The exercise continues to be a learning experience for me as I research potential articles each day. I’m also very flattered to know that people […]


Change for the better is never guaranteed. . . .learn about what you have

I’m a baseball fan. . . have been since I served as Batboy for the local town team when I was about eight years old.  I was fortunate enough to get to see my Minnesota Twins baseball team win the 7th game of the 1987 World Series in Minneapolis. So, it won’t surprise you that I was excited to see Minnesota sign their star centerfielder, Byron Buxton, to a long-term contract. But this article isn’t about baseball. . . .it […]


What’s your “Open file” load?

I graduated from mortuary school in 1980.  It seems to me that life was a little easier back then, traditions were pretty normalized, and funeral services consisted of a pretty “run of the mill” body preparation-visitation-funeral service-burial logistic sequence.  Of course, prior to that service sequence a funeral director had to also meet with the family to prepare the “file folder” from whence all information was compiled. When I graduated I went right to work.  I don’t know where I […]

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The coming Unstoppable Force Paradox of Funeral Service

The other day I came across this article from a publication called Mic.  The article was entitled, “I feel like a Survivor – inside the Funeral Industry’s 2021 National Convention”.  To say the article was interesting. . .and even somewhat eye-opening might actually be an understatement. You can read the article here. The article is authored by Eleanor Cummins who apparently is a writer and not a member of the death care profession.  When I Googled her bio. . .here […]


The bartender becomes a mortician

I don’t know if it is just me or others see it too.  For years funeral directors seemed to work in anonymity, but when someone called us we were always there to answer.  However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I seem to think that funeral directors and morticians are finally seen in our society for the good we do. I also think that is a good thing. . . and that it will lead to better things in the future.  […]


My brother Jim. . . . and the power of kindness

Today is August 17.  Today should be my younger brother, Jim’s, 60th birthday.  Instead I’ll spend part of the day where he rests at Kinkead Cemetery talking to him, telling him how much I loved him, and how sad it was that I didn’t get to see him grow old.  You see, Jim, took his own life in May 1993 and never lived past 31 years of age. It’s one of my greatest regrets in life. . . that I […]


The TikTok mortician

One of the things you realize as you get older is that there is a whole new generation of Americans working in your profession and molding that profession in a way that you would have never thought of.  Some of that “molding” you may see as good for the profession and some of it you may see as “not so good”, but the fact remains that the new generation believes in what they are doing and the process they are […]


Funeral directors make a difference

Sometimes at Funeral Director Daily we get too wrapped up in mergers and acquisitions, in financial news, and in things like new products to the profession.  Those things are all interesting and are necessary to know if we want to make the services that we offer to the public profitable for us. But, it is also of utmost importance that, aside from profits, that those of us in the death care realm make a positive difference to those we serve.  […]

Afternoon Edition

A small town funeral director perk

I’m writing this post on Saturday morning shortly after returning from my Summer Saturday morning bike ride.  I couldn’t help but think that many independent funeral home operators live in small towns and really get to know their community. . . . I don’t think I’m much different.  Today’s column is a small-town Chamber of Commerce column. The community I live in is Alexandria, Minnesota.  When I grew up here in the 1960’s and 1970’s it was populated with about […]