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By Funeral Director Daily / July 5, 2023 /
Podcast2 Microphone

      This afternoon we are bringing you a great conversation that our friends, Danny Jefferson and Alan Creedy, have at the “Two Guys and a Question” podcast.  In this 10-minute podcast Creedy and Jefferson take on the question, “Embalming:  Is it still relevant?”   Turns out they think so. . . . listen…

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Is the end of Non-Compete agreements coming? Will funeral directors be “Free Agents”?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 20, 2023 /

      Back in January of this year Funeral Director Daily published this article entitled “Federal Trade Commission seeks to ban (most) non-compete agreements.”  There has been a lot of push-back to non-compete agreements as they have become common practice, not only for highly compensated professionals, but for general employees as well.   During…

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NFDA podcast honors Todd W. Van Beck

By Funeral Director Daily / June 14, 2023 /

    Funeral Director Daily is sharing our Wednesday Afternoon Edition to simply make you aware of the National Funeral Director’s (NFDA) “Brush with Death” podcast series and one of its latest editions.  We want to make you aware of Podcast #56 entitled “In Loving Memory of Todd Van Beck“.   Here’s what NFDA says…

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Maybe older workers are the answer

By Funeral Director Daily / June 9, 2023 /

    Yesterday’s Funeral Director Daily article centered on the fact that many, especially in the Millennial age group, are seeking what they term a “Work-Life Balance” in their careers and our article pointed out that many who have worked in the funeral profession find that balance lacking in their lives.  As was mentioned yesterday,…

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Lack of Work-Life Balance may cause headaches at the funeral home

By Funeral Director Daily / June 8, 2023 /

    Last week we wrote an article that you can read here that highlighted the record number of students currenty enrolled in mortuary schools across the country.  That article certainly makes it look like we will have a number of graduates to replace those retiring funeral directors as the years go by.   However,…

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Maybe the word is getting out. . .it’s honorable and rewarding

By Funeral Director Daily / May 25, 2023 /

    I served as a “front line” funeral director for over 33 years.  I did my share of night calls, prep room work, arrangements, and funeral duty.  One thing that I take from that experience is that “I always felt, by the way I worked with a client family, like I could make a…

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Has the emergence of the woman funeral director made death care a “softer, gentler” process

By Funeral Director Daily / May 4, 2023 /

    It’s been no secret that for the past 30 years more and more women have been becoming active in the death care profession.  I saw the trend start with pre-need counselors but now according to this article from Spectrum 1, 65% of all graduates of funeral director programs in the United States are…

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What’s coming up this week in Funeral Service. . .

By Funeral Director Daily / April 17, 2023 /

      Mental health, physical health, and business health are all important aspects of how we perform.  This week you can learn about all of those subjects and how to stay in peak performance throught webinars and support meetings put on by your colleagues in the greater death care network.  Here’s what’s up this…

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It’s Good Friday. . . but Easter is coming

By Funeral Director Daily / April 7, 2023 /

    We are blessed to live in a country which allows for religious freedom.  And, when you work as a funeral director helping those who have lost loved ones to death, it’s a privilege to help even when those client families don’t believe as you do.   However, have you ever thought about those…

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Movie being produced about funeral director Danny Jefferson

By Funeral Director Daily / April 4, 2023 /

    If you ever met funeral director Danny Jefferson then it’s pretty simple knowledge that you have one more friend.  Danny Jefferson, who contributes to these pages every so often with his “Two Guys and a Question” podcast with partner Alan Creedy, is the consummate Southern gentleman and consummate funeral director.   Danny probably…

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