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Uvalde funeral directors say “They’ll never be the same”

Back when I was in mortuary school I read a book entitled something like “Who takes care of the Caretaker“.  While there are other books with titles similar to that published later than the 1970’s I cannot locate the book I read, nor do I remember the author of it. Quite frankly, that’s not real important.  I also don’t remember any of the content of the book and that’s not real important either.  What I do remember is the name […]

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Are funeral home’s values getting hit with a “Double Whammy”

A sale, or commerce if you will, occurs when a willing buyer and a willing seller reach agreement on a price for a good or service and then that price is paid from the buyer to the seller to mark the transaction.  While we don’t always think of it in that term, transactions like this happen millions of times every day. . . . from the purchase of grocery items, to the purchase of fuel, to the purchase of businesses. […]


Labor Day: Time for the business year check-up

Labor Day means a lot of different things to many people.  It might mean the end of the Summer, Back-to-School time, the start of football season, or the start of the political campaign season. For me, however, when I ran my funeral business, it was always the funeral home yearly check-up time.  You see, after August 31 we have been through two-thirds of the calendar year and that was a pretty significant amount of time to see how your business […]


Three funeral directors, three stories, three ambassadors to the profession

Funeral directors come with all kinds of interests and backgrounds.  What makes them so interesting is the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests that are found among them. But the good ones all have the commonality of becoming ambassadors for the profession simply by plying their trade to humanity. Today, Funeral Director Daily tells you about one gentleman selected as the American Funeral Director of the Year by one publication, of an Irish lady who vied to become the wholistic ambassador […]


WNBA Superstar: From the hardcourt to the prep room

It isn’t very often when you hear of a bona-fide superstar in their athletic field that just can’t seem to wait for the next chapter of their life to start.  However, that is where WNBA superstar Sylvia Fowles finds herself as she has counted down the last weeks and days of her 15-year WNBA career.  Fowles has earned the 2017 MVP award for the WNBA, been an 8-time All-Star, and in her off time has found the time to represent […]

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A historic tragedy where the funeral profession stepped up again

It was 85 years ago this past March when “funeral directors from across East Texas showed up. Dallas dispatched 25 doctors, 100 nurses, and 25 embalmers” to the small Texas oil boom community of New London.   After the tragedy and according to this article , “morticians embalmed more than 200 bodies in the Overton American Legion Hall over the next 18 hours”. I learned of the tragedy of the New London School quite by accident when I was researching the […]


Are we “Turning the Corner?”

In the last few weeks I have heard and seen a lot about about staffing issues in the death care world.  For instance, I recently had a discussion with Ryan Thogmartin of Connecting Directors and he told me that their surveys from owners and managers indicate that staffing, employee issues, and just simply getting enough people to do the jobs that need to be done in funeral homes is the number one concern of these management people at this time. […]


An “Address” that resonated with me

I read this article in the Metropolis (IL) Planet the other day.  And, quite frankly, it really resonated with me.  Part of the reason is that when I researched Metropolis it seemed much like the community that I grew up in. The article revolves around Metropolis funeral home owner and mortician Emily Farmer Loftus and her address as the keynote speaker at the Massac County High Schools Class of 2022 College and Career Signing Day on Friday April 29. You […]

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A webinar you might find interesting and helpful

During my mortuary college years I read a book entitled, “Who takes care of the Caretaker“.  I don’t remember all of the details of the book because it’s been over 40 years since I read it.  However, what I do remember is that it drilled into me loud and clear that “I could not be a caretaker to others if I didn’t first “take care” of myself.”  I thought of that book when I received this informational press release about […]


Will we see a “Pull-forward” effect?

Since the world started to deal with the deaths related to the Covid-19 pandemic beginning in March and April of 2020 there has been a question in the death care world about the theory of “pull-forward” deaths. . .and if there are “pull-forward” deaths, what will that do to the profession in the years following the pandemic. First of all, the theory of “pull-forward” deaths are that in many cases the pandemic virus weakened the oldest and most frail in […]