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Restorative art thru 3D printing

If you have been a funeral director and did prep room work for any length of time you are aware that there are some situations where you will question that you can get the deceased back to an acceptable level of appearance for a casketed viewing. I will be honest and tell you that while there were times when I enjoyed the satisfaction of prep room work, I wasn’t real skilled at it.  I was fortunate to have teammates that […]

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Archbishop says, “No more” referring to extreme embalmings in the church

In 2018, when I learned about it, Funeral Director Daily introduced our readers to “Extreme Embalming” via this article about some funerals that had taken place in New Orleans.  “Extreme Embalming”, for better or worse, is the moniker that has been given to the embalming art of embalming bodies and posing them in “life-like” forms for the visitation and funeral. Since the 2018 article in Funeral Director Daily, which brings forth another article that has photos of the practice in […]

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Non-profits team up to bring the profession “Journey to Serve”

One of the most exciting initiatives since I have been involved in the funeral business has been brewing and is about to be presented to the industry through the philanthropy of the Funeral Service Foundation and the ICCFA Educational Foundation.  These two organizations have collaborated to bring us the “Journey to Serve” initiative which is aimed at recruiting United States military veterans for employment throughout the death care profession. You can register for the launch event of this initiative that […]

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Students, scholarships, and a way you can help

It is interesting that I came across this article as I was thinking of a topic for today’s column.  One of the items that I have been thinking about lately was the COVID relief bill that passed the Senate last weekend and passed the House on Wednesday.  It is expected to bring $1.9 trillion in aid to a multitude of different areas of our economy.  Part of that aid is expected to go to colleges and universities to help both […]


The Pandemic and its effect on Death Care around the world

We touched on the subject last week when we did an article questioning how some in authority view funeral directors and other death care professionals in light of large financial fines for a service going over the allotted number of allowed mourners in Great Britain and the death care professionals in Ohio trying to be included in an early tranche of the vaccine distribution. However, while we continue to hear disagreements about vaccine distribution, school openings, church openings, restaurant openings, […]

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Cemetery delays, casket company acquisitions in the news

As we wrap up another week at Funeral Director Daily we bring you some news that is seeming to happen because of the COVID situation and some news that just continues to happen as business opportunities present themselves regardless of the COVID situation across the world. Our first item, that we cannot remember happening in the non-COVID world, is that of great back-ups and delays at some of America’s cemeteries.  This print article and video story from ABC – 7 […]

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Career changes. . . can funeral service benefit?

I recently came across a couple of surveys of of American workers and their career satisfaction and thoughts of career changes.  One thing is certain. . .we are not in the 1960’s when young people were told to “get a good job, hold on to it, and retire with a pension”. We now know that individuals who follow that course of action will be few compared to those that probably work in multiple occupations during the course of their careers.  […]


The humanity of being a funeral director

This isn’t what I was planning to write about an hour ago.  It’s Friday as I write this and earlier this morning I was on the treadmill watching CNBC with Jim Cramer as he was interviewing Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.  I thought the interview was very informative on how Starbucks was using the pandemic, that they had no control over, to analyze and pivot their business model to a structure that would be even better post-pandemic than it was prior […]

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Afternoon edition: Funeral director becomes WNBA’s all-time leading rebounder

We’ve got plenty of stories to tell you this afternoon, however, we felt that “topping our charts” was this article from ESPN.com that that chronicles a Tuesday night game in which  WNBA player Sylvia Fowles became the all-time leading rebounder in the history of that basketball league.  Sports leading Funeral Director Daily headlines?? The fact is that the 34-year old Fowles has used her off-season time to study mortuary science and intends to work as a funeral director once her […]


The “Everday Hero”within us

It was in church this morning – yes, I’m writing this on Sunday and I was in church attendance today for the third consecutive week – that I caught an idea for a blog article.  We live in Minnesota and church attendance, with certain rules, has been in effect for three weeks.  The spiritual realm is a big part of our life, so this has been an uplifting part of June for Angie and I. Today when sitting in church […]