Funeral Director Daily’s “Top Read” articles of the past 30 Days

By Funeral Director Daily / June 15, 2023 /

      It is June 15th already and the Summer Solstice is almost upon us.  June 15th meaning it is the middle of the month when Funeral Director Daily recaps our highest read articles over the past 30 days. . . And, Summer Solstice coming up on June 21 when the northern hemisphere sees…

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Cremation rate at 57%. . . and it’s not coming down anytime soon

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2022 /

I recently read this article from author Harold Ivan Smith from Baptist News.  Smith offers a unique perspective as he attended mortuary school, is a grief educator, and works as a celebrant for Forest Lawn Mortuaries in Palm Springs, California. Smith indicates in his article that cremation was probably about 1% of United States dispositions…

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Will tax revenue play a part in saving city and association cemeteries

By Funeral Director Daily / April 26, 2022 /

We’ve written about the problem before in this forum.  “The problem” being the lack of revenue for historic city and association cemeteries since the country’s cremation rate increased to a majority of dispositions.   The increase in cremations has decreased cemetery sales in full body burial lots and interment fees. . . .as a matter of…

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Joe Louis and Arlington National Cemetery

By Funeral Director Daily / September 29, 2020 /

We gave a little history on Arlington National Cemetery in yesterday’s edition of Funeral Director Daily.  As a follow-up to that I promised a little more today. I had always heard that the eligibility requirements for interment in Arlington National Cemetery  were more stringent than in the other Veteran’s National Cemeteries scattered across the country.…

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Pennsylvania church apparently moves graves without permission

By Funeral Director Daily / June 26, 2020 /

I came across this article from the Echo Pilot of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, the other day.  To me, it is a somewhat disturbing article on a church cemetery, or what I’ll call an annex, with apparently only two burials in the annex.  The church also owns a main cemetery and apparently were moving two vaults from…

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In Today’s News

By Funeral Director Daily / August 2, 2018 /

We noticed an article and a news story this morning that we thought were worth sharing.  The first story is from Bloomberg News and is entitled “Mortuary Company Stays ahead of Debt by Digging graves before People Die”.  You can read the story here, which deals with public death care company StoneMor Partners and their…

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