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It is June 15th already and the Summer Solstice is almost upon us.  June 15th meaning it is the middle of the month when Funeral Director Daily recaps our highest read articles over the past 30 days. . . And, Summer Solstice coming up on June 21 when the northern hemisphere sees its longest day of sunlight throught the year.


Here are 5 Fun Facts we discovered about the Summer Solstice (for the northern hemisphere):

  • Hotter Temperatures Occur When We’re Farther From the Sun.
  • The Farther North You Are, the More Daylight You Enjoy.
  • Evening Bonfires Have Been a Solstice Tradition for Centuries.
  • Agricultural Abundance Inspired Festivities.
  • The Solstice is a Historically Popular Time for Weddings.


And here we bring you the 5 articles that our readers found most interesting from May 15 to June 14.  If you missed some of them you can now catch up. . . .

  1. Will Illinois bill set a precedent for the future of cremated remains?
  2. Carriage Services announces national preneed partnerships
  3. Is time up for the Undertaker?
  4. Thinking of ownership transition?  Here’s some straight-forward advice on getting started.
  5. Maybe the word is getting out. . . it’s honorable and rewarding.


Here’s an added bonus as we head into the weekend starting tomorrow — our 6th and 7th most read articles of the past month


6.  Your employees and marijuana use

7.  Lack of “Work-Life Balance” may cause headaches at the funeral home


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