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By Funeral Director Daily / April 22, 2024 /

    Inflation is still high, but consumers are still spending.  Bankers tell us interest rates will probably be “higher” for longer. . .and the Death Care business is continuing to talk about mergers and acquisitions.  On that last subject it’s not often when we get two of the most knowledgeable in the profession together…

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Operational issues take center stage for the last 30 days

By Funeral Director Daily / April 16, 2024 /

    Every thirty days Funeral Director Daily runs this little section where we recap the Top Read articles of the past 30 days.  From my point of view as the author of all of the articles I get a sense of what has been of interest to funeral professionals during that time period. .…

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Don’t miss CANA Peer Support tomorrow night

By Funeral Director Daily / April 15, 2024 /

    If you have been a funeral director for any length of time you have had one of those “cases that sticks with us”.  You’ve been in that situation where what happened or the family you served, or events you could not control “tested your composure in front of a grieving family”.   Licensed…

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Training for Success: Becoming a CANA Certified Cremation Specialist

By Funeral Director Daily / April 4, 2024 /

    Our friends at the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) recently announced that registration is now open for the 2024 educational classes for their “Certified Cremation Specialist” designation.   According to CANA, “What sets a CANA-Certified Cremation Specialist apart is the training they receive to ensure everyone is treated with the same level…

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Acquisition and divestment. . . don’t miss this upcoming webinar

By Funeral Director Daily / April 3, 2024 /

  The teaser for this webinar states, “Fifty percent of funeral businesses are expected to change hands as the next generation leaves the business”.     A webinar conducted by Johnson Consulting Group’s President and CEO Jake Johnson will take center stage tomorrow, April 4, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm Eastern Time. (2 pm to 3:30…

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It’s Monday. . .Here’s some listening ideas for the week.

By Funeral Director Daily / April 1, 2024 /

    It’s only Monday, but you don’t know when you will be caught in your car, or the removal vehicle, for a thirty to forty-five minute drive.  Just so you have something worth while and timely so the boss can’t say you are “off the clock” here’s some ideas of podcasts that you might…

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Making today a “Finance Day” at Funeral Director Daily

By Funeral Director Daily / March 26, 2024 /

    While I was researching this morning’s article on the most recent financial performance of Propel Funeral Partners I was made aware that the people of Seeking Alpha had written some opinion pieces on North American Death Care companies within the past month.  Without any opinion or other action I present them to the…

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Thogmartin, Heald discuss and its impact on funeral services

By Funeral Director Daily / March 25, 2024 /

    We learned of an upcoming webinar that will feature Death Care experts Ryan Thogmartin and John Heald.’s Heald will be joined by Connecting Directors’ Thogmartin and they will discuss how to  unwrap the features of for your funeral home.   Among other things you can expect to learn you will learn:…

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Invite your spouse for CANA’s Tuesday night Peer Support

By Funeral Director Daily / March 18, 2024 /

    For the first time that I can remember, the Cremation Association of North America’s (CANA) Peer Support online meeting is asking all funeral workers to invite their spouse for tomorrow night’s group get-together.  According to a recent press release from CANA, here’s why:   “A funeral professional may be called upon as an…

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The “Ides of March” and time for our most-read stories

By Funeral Director Daily / March 15, 2024 /

        It’s the “Ides of March” today — representing the 74th day of the Roman calendar and the day in ancient Rome that was the deadline for settling debts from the previous year. . . .Of course, the “Ides of March”, or the 15th of March, has also became known for betrayal…

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