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Reflections by Duey . . .a product differentiator for your funeral home

By Funeral Director Daily / November 3, 2022 /

It was in June 1980 when I was a rookie funeral director that a gentleman stepped into our funeral home and we were introduced for the first time.  The gentleman was another young funeral director who had left the world of funeral directing to become a representative of one of the major casket companies. That…

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History and Introspection: Cemeteries and the Funeral Director

By Funeral Director Daily / November 1, 2022 /

From time to time I either come across unique stories about the death care business or the readers of Funeral Director Daily send them to me.  I find a lot of these stories fascinating and very much worth spending time learning about, especially if I want to be the “Death Care” expert in my community.…

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There’s many good people out there

By Funeral Director Daily / October 28, 2022 /

I’ve been a licensed funeral director for about 42 years and in that time I’ve seen all kinds of situations.  I’ve served families that are included in the Forbes 400 wealthiest in America and I’ve served families where some of the survivors didn’t know where they would be sleeping that night. Suffice it to say…

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Top read articles for the past 30 days on Funeral Director Daily

By Funeral Director Daily / October 18, 2022 /

It’s hard to believe that another 30-day period has passed and has become our custom, we recap our Top 5 read articles over the past 30 days.  So, if you are a new subscriber or if you missed a couple of articles, or if you just want to read them a 2nd time, here are…

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CANA Peer Support tomorrow and more information

By Funeral Director Daily / October 17, 2022 /

As part of Funeral Director Daily’s continuing effort to make you aware of health and knowledge information available to the Death Care professional we turn this afternoon’s blog spot over to giving you some information on items of interest in the profession.  Learn about how to care for yourself when you tune in to CANA’s…

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StoneMor and Axar Capital: Finalizing things soon?

By Funeral Director Daily / September 29, 2022 /

A recent article published by Seeking Alpha indicates that the “Go Shop” period for StoneMor Inc., following the announcement of a potential going private sale to Axar Capital, is over.  In the article the authors mention, “StonMor has been able to solicit other offers, which might not necessarily be take privates. The go-shop period is…

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How does your firm view Preneed?

By Funeral Director Daily / September 26, 2022 /

I have a son that works in the automotive industry and we’ve discussed their lines of revenue quite often.  For instance the average dealership has about six primary lines of revenue – new car sales, used car sales, the service or repair center, a collision repair center, a leasing center, and a financing center.  At…

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Wilbert publishes new “Cremation Choices Catalog”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2022 /

Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc., (WFSI) the leading provider of burial vaults and cremation-related products and services in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Cremation Choices Catalog on October 1st. Wilbert Merchandising Manager, Mike Devaney stated, “We are excited about the new expanded catalog. We are adding 80 new urns and…

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Top read stories and more information for you

By Funeral Director Daily / September 19, 2022 /

It is our custom at Funeral Director Daily to post the top-read stories of the past 30 days at the middle of every month.  Just in case you missed one or two of them.  . here they are. In addition we are putting out some information for that you may find useful pertaining to the…

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Seeking Alpha article touts Matthews International as “cheap dividend stock to consider”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 15, 2022 /

On the same day that the Dow Jones Industrials average dropped the deepest in the past two years (Tuesday, September 13) Seeking Alpha author Austin Rogers opined in this article that death care conglomerate Matthews International (MATW) would be one of his Top 3 picks to choose as a stock in the category “Cheap Dividend…

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