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A quote from John R. Dijulius III goes like this “If you want to see how a company is doing today, look at their current sales; if you want to know how a company will perform in the future, look at their current Customer Satisfaction scores”.


Customer satisfaction has always been a goal in business, and especially in the funeral business where “Heritage” families can give a funeral home a solid base to grow upon.  However, Customer Satisfaction or the Customer Experience (CX) is something many funeral homes didn’t begin tracking until recently.


Learn how CX can improve your business in this two-part webinar presented by Johnson Consulting Group.  A trio of presenters from Johnson Consulting Group and J3 Tech Solutions will present ideas on how to identify growth opportunities for your funeral home and how to manage revenues to forecast or budget.


The seminar will be presented by Taylor Clifford of J3 Tech Solutions, Nelson Thulin of Johnson Consulting, and Vince Roberge of Johnson Consulting.  The two-part seminar will be available online on Tuesday, July 9, and Tuesday, July 16.  Each episode will be one hour in length.


Part 1“The Power of Customer Experience:  Fueling Future Sales and Current Growth” —  Tomorrow, July 9th at 2 pm Eastern Time (1 pm Central Time)


Register for Part 1 Here


Part 2“Leveraging Customer Experience for Long-term Growth”  Tuesday, July 16th at 2 pm Eastern Time (1 pm Central Time)


Register for Part 2 Here


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