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We noticed an article and a news story this morning that we thought were worth sharing.  The first story is from Bloomberg News and is entitled “Mortuary Company Stays ahead of Debt by Digging graves before People Die”.  You can read the story here, which deals with public death care company StoneMor Partners and their policy of putting vaults in the ground upon the pre-need sale in order to collect revenue at that time instead of waiting to collect from a trust at-need.  We believe this is a very good article not only on the merits of that policy, but on StoneMor as well.

The news story is out of Levittown, Pennsylvania, and deals with a neighborhood funeral home and issues with its crematory billowing black smoke in the neighborhood.  It is the typical kind of story that I always worried about being in the news with when I operated a crematory.  All is well that ends well can be said, but all things being equal it might be better not being in the news for this type of incident.  You can access the news story and video here.

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