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In a piece of fortuitous timing, Funeral Director Daily published this article last Friday which extrapolated the number of deaths that United States funeral directors handled in 2020.  By all indications it turns out that the funeral profession in the United States served the families of over 3.4 million decedents in 2020. . . . . that’s a full 20% more than in 2019.

We also mentioned that many of these deaths were out of the ordinary or had Covid-19 related restrictions placed on the memorialization of the decedents.  It was my opinion that those circumstances probably caused extra stress on the caregiving community, such as funeral home professional and non-professional staff.

At the end of the article we urged you to make sure your colleagues are doing okay and we urged owners and managers to make sure that resources are there to help these caregivers if they so need it.

The fortuitous timing comes from our friends at the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and Funeral Professionals Peer Support (FPPF).  Almost as soon as the Funeral Director Daily article published last Friday, I received an e-mail notifying me of the CANA Peer Support Meeting.  You can read about it and get information on attending via Zoom here.

In essence, on Tuesday, July 20, at 8 pm Eastern Time (7 pm Central Time) CANA is helping to facilitate a meeting about peer support.  It is open to everyone across North America with no registration required to attend.  No CE is available because this is a time to connect and you do not need to be a CANA member to participate.

Apprentices, interns, and students are also welcome.

Here again is the informational link.

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