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Funeral Director Daily continues its rise as what is probably the fastest growing readership medium in the death care profession.  For the past six months, since April 2019, readership has grown 64% — or an average of 10.67% per month.  And, we believe that when statistics are in for November, Funeral Director Daily will be showing an even more rapid increase in readership.

As a matter of fact, readership has grown an incredible 6 times what it was only two years ago in October 2017.  As of October 2019 Funeral Director Daily gets over 7300 monthly impressions to our reading public. . . .a public that consists of decision makers in the death care industry.

Oddly enough, we did see an odd dip in readership in the month of September 2019.  However, an investigation revealed to us – because that was the month that we started accepting sponsorships — that those sponsorships caused some communications to get caught in spam filters.  We believe we have rectified those problems and now can continue on a solid growth plan.

We would like to thank those who have believed in our messages to the death care industry enough to sponsor our endeavor.  Thank you to

Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

Cressy Memorial (makers of the Crowne Vault), ASD, and Johnson Consulting.

In our quest to continue to bring news of the death care industry, new products, and best practices in the profession to our readers, we are looking for stories, contributing guest writers, and blog sponsors all the time.  If there is a way that you believe that you can help contribute to our cause of disseminating this information please reach out to us with our contact forms.

If you have enjoyed receiving Funeral Director Daily in your inbox every weekday, we would ask that you pass on our information to other colleagues and industry professionals that may enjoy it also.

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