Renowned funeral service leader, Tom Johnson, passes away

By Funeral Director Daily / December 26, 2023 /

The funeral service community mourns the passing of Tom Johnson, who passed away Thursday, December 21st.   A native of Indiana, Tom Johnson embarked on a remarkable career revolutionizing the funeral service landscape. His journey included significant roles at Batesville Casket Company, International Funeral Service, and Pierce Brothers Mortuaries and Cemeteries, where he propelled the…

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Be the “Light” this Christmas season

By Funeral Director Daily / December 22, 2023 /

  The “darkest day of the year” in the northern hemisphere occurs on December 21-22 each year.  It is known as the “Winter Solstice” and the sun shines the least during that time period in the northern hemisphere than at any other 24-hour period of the year.   Well, today happens to be December 22.…

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The 11th Month, the 11th Day, the 11th Hour. . . . Honor it

By Funeral Director Daily / November 11, 2022 /

November 11th brings back memories in many countries.  It’s not just Veteran’s Day in America. . . it is a day of remembrance all over Europe.  Originally referred to as Armistice Day (Armistice, in Latin, means to “stand arms”).  It was at 11 am on November 11 (11/11) in 1918 that an agreement was reached…

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SCI sees “more mortality” than expected. . .What’s behind it?. . .I don’t think this will surprise you

By Funeral Director Daily / November 9, 2022 /

Because I report on them, and partly because I just like learning what is happening, I generally read the “Earnings Call Transcripts” that take place every quarter between the public company death care executives and the financial brokers that cover their companies.  If you’ve never read these they end up being a “give and take”…

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Back from Baltimore

By Funeral Director Daily / October 13, 2022 /

I’m penning this article on Wednesday, one day before it is published while I have the memories of the National Funeral Directors Association International Expo fresh in my memory.  I spent Saturday through Tuesday afternoon at the convention in Baltimore, Maryland, leaving Tuesday evening and arriving home late on that same evening. In today’s edition…

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Don’t forget our “Sacred Duty”

By Funeral Director Daily / October 6, 2022 /

Last week a jury in Maine deliberated and found a verdict against a Lewistown, Maine, funeral home and its owner.  Here’s what the website CentralMaine.com said of the deliberations,   “A jury awarded Marielle Bischoff-Wurstle, 34, of Falmouth, $5.5 million Friday as compensation for significant emotional damage suffered because her father’s body was left to decompose…

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Thoughts about serving humanity in our profession

By Funeral Director Daily / September 7, 2022 /

If you have followed Funeral Director Daily for any length of time you know that I like to write articles about business.  Sometimes I know that I get a little “heavy” on the business articles.  However, I also try to put information on other subjects out there to keep a variety of topics at the…

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Happy Thanksgiving. . . .a day of Gratitude

By Funeral Director Daily / November 25, 2021 /

Maybe it is just because I’m getting older. . . maybe its because as I get older I see younger and younger people stepping forward to do some of the things I used to do. . . . maybe it is because as you get older you recognize that as much as you may have…

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What about Closure?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 5, 2021 /

It’s Friday.  How about we take a couple of minutes to think about how death, dying, grief, and funerals deal with what is always termed as “Closure”.  Are you aware of how often we use the term?  What does it mean?  Do our client families desire this? I bring up the subject because this past…

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President Trump — brother’s funeral held at the White House

By Funeral Director Daily / August 27, 2020 /

  Last week I came across this article from USA Today and I also saw news reports about President Trump’s brother, Robert Trump, who had died and his funeral services were held at the White House.  The article mentions that White House funerals are rare. It seems that when dignitaries die and there is a…

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