Afternoon edition: lots of news. . . finance, cemetery, coroner race, funeral home sold, more

By Funeral Director Daily / July 31, 2020 /

As we head not only into the weekend but into the month of August, we found lots of interesting stories for our readers.  And, they are from all over the world. . .from preneed insurance in New Zealand, to public company finances in Great Britain, and back to the good old U.S.A. with stories ranging…

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Afternoon edition: Funeral director becomes WNBA’s all-time leading rebounder

By Funeral Director Daily / July 30, 2020 /

We’ve got plenty of stories to tell you this afternoon, however, we felt that “topping our charts” was this article from ESPN.com that that chronicles a Tuesday night game in which  WNBA player Sylvia Fowles became the all-time leading rebounder in the history of that basketball league.  Sports leading Funeral Director Daily headlines?? The fact…

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Northeast funeral directors in the news

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2020 /

Last week we wrote about how a sponsored event, as it has grown, can help bring some funeral homes to status as anchors in their communities.  We also included in that discussion how service over time can accomplish the same thing.  And, just yesterday we talked about how taking an interest in, or mentoring, someone…

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Afternoon edition: Opportunities for professionals. . . and just news

By Funeral Director Daily / July 23, 2020 /

In today’s afternoon edition we have a little something for everybody.  We’ve got information on educational opportunities coming up for industry professionals dealing with everything from attracting consumers to your funeral home to insights on the financial markets, to podcasts on interesting topics from the National Funeral Directors Association. On the news front there are…

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Afternoon edition: Deep in the Heart of Texas

By Funeral Director Daily / July 21, 2020 /

We’ve got plenty of death care information from around the world for you today.  Two of our stories relate to current events in the United States and come to us from the state of Texas.  We’ve also got some death care information from Italy and Iraq as well as a 100th year of business celebration…

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Heading into the weekend. . . . .

By Funeral Director Daily / July 17, 2020 /

As we wrap up the week we bring you information on the historical topic of mummification – or as mentioned from an article of Live Science –  that refers to it as the “Lost art of embalming the dead” all the way into the present day with an article from Quartz entitled “COVID-19 has accelerated…

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NFDA cancels In-person Convention & Expo

By Funeral Director Daily / July 6, 2020 /

In a press release released last week, the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA) announced the following: “Out of concern for the well-being of funeral professionals, exhibitors and association staff, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has canceled its in-person 2020 International Convention & Expo, scheduled for October 18 through 21 in New Orleans. NFDA will…

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Have a Happy 4th of July — God Bless America!!

By Funeral Director Daily / July 3, 2020 /

Just so you know, I’m one of those people who is an unabashed, unashamed, believer in America and the American Spirit!  While not every thing is perfect about the country, I’m a believer in the ability of America, because of its people and its historical ideals, to overcome issues that create friction in our country…

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News from the world of Death Care 6.29.2020

By Funeral Director Daily / June 29, 2020 /

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we bring you some of the best and worst of the funeral home and cemetery professions as well as an interesting article on the Burial Mounds of Tonga. N’West Iowa funeral homes noted for service.  nwestiowa.com (IA) Former Brownstown, Indiana, funeral home owner admits to stealing  more…

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News funeral professionals can use from our profession

By Funeral Director Daily / June 25, 2020 /

In today’s Funeral Director Daily “Afternoon Extra” we have information on a new product called “Reflect by OneDay” which is designed for the funeral industry.  The product collects digital memories from friends and family of a loved one’s life and and then bands them together into a crowdsourced video reflection of that person’s life. We…

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