Weekend edition: Kenya mortician, Idaho’s first Veterans’ Cemetery, the oldest cremation, and more

Another summer week has passed here in Minnesota and I’m already starting to think about not playing golf and just getting out to the fish house on a frozen lake.  Well, while I ponder that unwelcome turn of events to come, I will give you some great articles to read and ponder on over the weekend.

First of all, we will tell you about Eva Ngima, a female mortician in Kenya who “who works to restore honor to the dead and says she would never trade the job for another”.  The article, which appeared in Kenyans, is a great read, not only to realize Ngima’s dedication in Kenya, but to help us understand and be grateful for the facilities and equipment we have in other parts of the world.  You can access the article here.

And as part of the Veteran Administration’s Rural Initiative Program to make access to National Cemeteries easier for those in rural areas, the Snake River National Cemetery in Buhl, Idaho, was built and commissioned this past week.  Here is a story on that.

And for you people that like death care/mortuary history, we have an article written by the Public Library of Science that deals with the earliest known excavation of a cremation.

More from the world of Death Care:

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