Anthem Partners makes 19 location acquisition

We learned last week via this press release that Anthem Partners, the Frisco, Texas, based owner and operator of funeral homes and cemeteries had acquired Serenity & Company Memorial Service.  According to the press release, Serenity & Company began in 2007 in Arkansas, but has expanded and now operates in Arkansas, California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

The press release also states that Serenity & Company operates nine funeral homes and 10 cemeteries.

Steven McDonald, who was the Chief Operating Officer at Serenity & Company will assume a Vice-President role at Anthem Partners after the acquisition.  According to the press release he said this about affiliating Serenity & Company with Anthem Partners, “Based on our situation, Anthem Partners best met our needs for the future.  It was vitally important to partner with a company that was the best fit for our employees.  I look forward to assisting with the smooth integration of the Serenity properties into the Anthem family.”

Here is the website for Anthem Partners.

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