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Empathy is a great skill as you go forward in life.  It’s one of the characteristics of highly emotionally intelligent people according to this article.


Janet McGee
University of Minnesota

One of the things that made me an effective funeral director, at least in my opinion, was the empathy I was able to relate as to my own feelings of losing a loved one.  You see, my dad died when I was a teenager. . . . and almost 50 years later I still know how helpless I felt on that day.


On Thursday, March 23, the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science Department will be offering a free webinar presented by U of Minnesota adjunct professor Janet McGee.  Janet has a unique story to share — one of being a licensed funeral director who lost a son to accidental death.  Her webinar is entitled, “Insights from the other side of the Arrangement Table”.


The key take-aways from this webinar, according to a flyer on such, include:

  • Experience child loss from a mother’s perspective
  • Ideas for providing meaningful professional services to families who have experienced the death of a child
  • A consideration of ethical dimensions relating to child loss and professional practice.


You can learn more about and register for the webinar here.

The webinar is free of charge.  If you are Minnesota or Wisconsin licensed you can earn CEU credits for it for a $25 cost.


Funeral Director Daily:  I have not seen this webinar or Janet McGee’s presentation yet.   However, I’m a big fan of Janet McGee and how she teaches Mortuary Business and Accounting at the University of Minnesota.  I’ve been able to have visits with Janet about what should be taught in that type of course and in sitting down with her I’ve learned her story.  And, I think she is a terrific model or mentor for anyone associated with the Death Care profession.


If you get a chance, watch the webinar.  I guarantee you will learn something.

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