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It is our custom at Funeral Director Daily to post the top-read stories of the past 30 days at the middle of every month.  Just in case you missed one or two of them.  . here they are.

In addition we are putting out some information for that you may find useful pertaining to the CANA Peer Network and new offerings from the NFDA’s podcast series, A Brush with Death.

Here are Funeral Director Daily’s top-read articles from August 15 to September 18:

  1. Forbes writer advocates for Batesville spin-off from Hillenbrand
  2. The succession dilemma of rural funeral home ownership
  3. StoneMor posts 2Q 2022 results. . . What’s their plan??
  4. Low-cost preneed plans prove to be a disrupter
  5. Acquisitions:  Two continents, two hemispheres, corporate firms, 4th generation firms . . .they keep happening


Peer Support Meeting — “Helping people is what we do”

Here’s what CANA says about this meeting coming up tomorrow:

“The funeral profession is not for the faint of heart. You need the compassion to serve grieving families, the self-confidence and leadership skills to do the job, and the ability to find balance between work and your personal life. On September 20th, Funeral Professional Peer Support (FPPS) and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) get to the heart of what makes funeral professionals tick.”

“Bill Sampson, Dodge Chemical Company Canada, and Lisa Smith, FPPS Wellness Director, facilitate the September meeting. Together, they’ll share what drew them to this profession and why they’ve kept at it for over a decade. “When people ask why you chose a career in funeral service, the typical answer is, ‘Because I want to help people, or I like helping people’” remarked Lisa. “Helping people is what we do.”

Connect with your fellow funeral professional peers on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 5pm PT

For more information or to connect click here.

NFDA “A Brush with Death” podcast series

Episode #43 – Funeral School 101

Here’s what NFDA says about Episode #43:

“Host, Gabe Schauf, is joined by Jolena Grande, funeral director and board president of the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Jolena and Gabe talk about how mortuary school curriculum is developed, the National Board Exams, how funeral homes can help support funeral education and more!”

Episode #44 – International Convention and Expo Preview

Here’s what NFDA says about Episode #44:

“Meet the speakers headlining the NFDA’s International Convention and Expo in Baltimore. Kindra Hall, Dakota Meyer and John O’Leary join host, Gabe Schauf to share about themselves and a little about what they will be discussing in Baltimore.”

For more information or to hear these episodes click here.

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