Thank you — lots of people are reading Funeral Director Daily. . . Here’s our top read articles for the past 30 days

Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily!!

Just a short note before I give you the Top Read articles for the past 30 days.  I want to Thank You for reading Funeral Director Daily.  Last week we topped the 30-day running total of 15,000 page views for the first time ever.  As of today, I’m writing this on Saturday, August 13, we are at a 30-day running total of 15,307.

In August of 2020, that number was 9,093 — so we have had an increase of 68.3% since that time. . . an average of 34.15% annually.  Thanks again.  I’m humbled that people actually read what I write and I’m so thankful for the sponsors who help me cover the growing distribution, security, and technology costs so this format can be brought to you readers free of charge.  Take a look at who these sponsors are. . . and patronize them if your business warrants their products or services.

I started with 4 subscribers to this blog. . . and two of them were my own sons!  There is no budget at Funeral Director Daily for growing our demand. . . it has been all word of mouth and people in the profession passing the articles among each other. . Today, we have 2,822 subscribers who receive my daily musings via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. . .Thanks again.

Because of your dedication to reading these articles, I believe we are the fastest growing publication in the death care profession.  Thank you — I will continue my pledge to try to give you the most interesting articles relating to the profession that I can. . . . no click-bait, no macabre, no silly-ness . . . just sensible articles that tell the tales of those wonderful people in our profession, articles on trending subjects in death care,  and business related articles that you may find helpful in how you operate and grow your business!!

Here’s the Top Stories read on Funeral Director Daily in the past 30 days:

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