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Afternoon Edition

A little discussion with the guys at Funeral Nation

Here is Funeral Nation Episode #248 where I join anchors Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff “The Funeral Commander” Harbeson for a short discussion of all things Death Care. In a short 12 minutes Ryan, Jeff, and I cover a variety of topics including the real disconnect between what some consumers think they are getting with certain death care services and what funeral homes believe that the consumer is purchasing.  We conclude that getting on the “Same Page” would be good for […]


Funeral Director Daily joins Funeral Nation talking all things Death Care

Funeral Director Daily’s Tom Anderson makes his quarterly appearance on Funeral Nation – this time Episode #237 – with hosts Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff “The Funeral Commander” Harbeson.  The three discuss what’s happened in the last three months with the public companies in the profession as well as just everything we can think of funeral and cremation related.   Enter your e-mail below to join the 2,471 others who receive Funeral Director Daily articles daily: Subscribe  


Rookie, Leader, Mentor

So, today’s article is a little different.  It’s not necessarily about death care or the funeral business.  You see, last week I had a birthday. . . and having that birthday gave me time for reflection.  I’ve been able to reflect on my life in the funeral business. . . . from entering college to starting out to owning and operating a funeral home and finally to where I am today — mentoring those who see funeral service as a […]


Value of Intangibles in a Funeral Home Sale

I happened to be watching a funeral industry podcast today and this question was asked of the “Expert” , “What value to the sale are pre-arrangement contracts that are not tied to the funeral home, but could be moved?”  The expert’s answer was something like this, “Absolutely nothing.  They can be moved to a competing funeral home so no new owner will pay anything for an asset that is not guaranteed to be there.” I’m somewhat in disagreement with that […]